Student-Owned Computers

ORU professors expect students to own their own computers and printers. Pay-per-sheet printing is also available in both the Library and the Academic Labs.

Specifications are provided here for two types of computers, a Windows-based machine and an Apple machine. Both sets are the minimum specifications for laptops. To decide which is appropriate for intended studies, students should refer to the lists of schools and departments that follow the specifications or contact those departments directly.

Although Windows 8 and Office 2013 are available on new PC's, students should be aware that Faculty and Staff may still be utilizing Windows 7 and Office 2010.

Student computers should have either Windows 8, Windows 7 or Mac OS-X operating system. All other software can be downloaded from the Internet or purchased at the ORU Bookstore when students arrive on campus. The bookstore often offers software at prices that have educational discounts. Students are encouraged to consult with their professors before purchasing or downloading software.

A student may purchase a computer from any source or bring one from home if it meets the minimum requirements. Students are not able to have personal wireless routers or wireless printers in the residence halls, so they should not be purchased.

Financial aid may be available to assist a student in financing a computer. Any interested student needs to notify his or her Financial Aid Specialist for more information. A student can use financial aid for a computer purchase once every four years. A student will need to wait until financial aid is disbursed, apply for a refund, and then can utilize the refunds towards the computer purchase.

Questions should be directed to the ORU Admissions Department at 918-495-6518.