Ministry Highlight

A Covering of Fellowship

By Danielle Parker

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Chris Juhl serves as the director of Christ for the Nations Fellowship of Ministers and Churches, along with his wife, Jenny, who is a presbyter and office assistant for FMC.

Chris Juhl serves as the director of Christ for the Nations Fellowship of Ministers and Churches, along with his wife, Jenny, who is a presbyter and office assistant for FMC.

The ORU Ministers Network works to develop relationships with organizations that can license and ordain ORU students. Christ for the Nations Fellowship of Churches and Ministers is one of those organizations.

When entering the ministry, there is a dire need for spiritual covering, support and camaraderie. As the director Christ for the Nations' Fellowship of Ministers and Churches (CFN FMC), Chris Juhl has seen how important it is for ministers to be connected to their brothers and sisters in Christ.

Originally the Alumni Ministers Fellowship, CFN FMC was founded in 1991 to give students of Christ for the Nations Institute the proper accountability and opportunities needed for ministry. Now they offer ordination and licensing to ORU students as well.

"FMC was founded to provide an avenue of fellowship and oversight to those ministers that received their credentials through CFNI," Juhl said. "We could now afford an opportunity for our graduating students to get credentialed."

In 2000, the Fellowship became open to not only CFNI alumni, but anyone seeking that same type of association.

"The board felt that there was a need in the body of Christ for people that were not a part of a denomination to come to a place to receive spiritual covering and get that fellowship and connectedness that they were looking for," Juhl said. "And that is where it changed from the Alumni Ministers Fellowship to FMC , where now it is open to anyone we discern has a truly God-given call on their life."

Regardless of their academic or college background, those seeking ministry credentials can be licensed and ordained through FMC.

"Any type of ministry where people would require that you have some sort of certification beyond having a diploma or degree, we can help them in those areas," Juhl said. "If you are called to the missions field or to gain access to do hospital chaplaincy or prison ministry, we can afford them that opportunity."

Applicants are approved through the CFN FMC Credentials Committee where the main prerequisite is a heart for God and His people.

"We simply have to verify that you are called and others can see and verify that calling in your life," Juhl said. "And we want to ascertain that you have a sound interpretation of Scripture and understanding of the ministry."

FMC also offers independent churches and parachurch ministries affiliation opportunities through CFNI.

"If you have decided to start a church or a ministry and are not a part of a denomination, we also offer them assistance. We have a Group-Exemption status from the Internal Revenue Service, where we can bring ministries under our umbrella and extend tax-exempt status to them so they can receive contributions from donors."

Along with receiving credentials necessary for ministry, future pastors, missionaries, leaders and churches are able to stay in contact with the FMC Presbyters Board, which offers them accountability as they step into ministry.

"Our leadership is made up of 21 men and women from different callings, life experiences and generations," Juhl said. "They are available to give counsel, advice and recommendations, and even come out on site, if necessary."

FMC itself is vitally connected and operates under the covering of CFNI, a model it emulates with those who are ordained and licensed through the fellowship.

"If you are affiliated and associated with us, and thereby with Christ for the Nations, it's priceless," Juhl said. "The ministry has been around for 60 years and is recognized all over the world. To be a part of an organization that has a long history of integrity, a ministry that is known all over the world, is a great learning experience."

Each semester, FMC commissions men and women into ministry, knowing that each person has been called by God and is being covered by a fellowship of believers.

"We are all about facilitating the call that God has upon their life," Juhl said. "We want to send them out to be ministers of the gospel and see them impact the world."

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