Alumni Volunteer Opportunities

Does ORU need my help?

We do need willing alumni and friends to help us accomplish the many tasks we perform that enrich the lives and campus experiences of our students and alumni. Most of the opportunities are group-oriented and are really fun to participate in with the other volunteers.

What if I do not live in Tulsa?

    • Alumni chapters are forming all over the world. If you would like to reach out to the alumni in the area where you live, we want to talk with you. The alumni chapter effort seeks to lead large numbers of alumni and friends to feel closely connected and engaged with ORU and to each other through the coordinated efforts of the Alumni Association and local volunteer leaders. Chapter volunteer leaders provide dedicated leadership, which is the first requirement for a successful alumni chapter. Specific volunteer job responsibilities include:
      • Promote the university within the community.
      • Participate in coordination of one or more activities and programs such as basketball watch sites, picnics, scholarships and career networking.
      • Assist with communications and/or reporting (example: Facebook site coordinator).

      In summary, each chapter volunteer is serving as an ambassador, liaison, recruiter, donor and leader. Please call the Alumni Office at 918.495.6610 or e-mail us at to discuss further.
    • We are in need of alumni to help with college fairs and other recruitment efforts in their local churches. Other volunteer opportunities include delivering recruitment materials to high schools, hosting freshman send-off events, and identifying and referring prospective students. Even an hour of your time can significantly impact a student's final decision to attend ORU and help us continue the tradition of academic opportunity, diversity and excellence. Click here to let us know of your interest in helping us recruit new ORU students. 
    • Nominate new incoming students for the Quest Whole Person Scholarship.

What kinds of short-term things do you need help with?

Depending on the time of year, we have a variety of opportunities. Our Volunteer Coordinator (a volunteer herself) helps match volunteers to opportunities as they arise. Contact Marilyn Guthmann for more information,, or call the Alumni office at 918.495.6610.

Some past and current projects:

    • Be a Wingbacker. A Wingbacker is an alumnus who adopts a brother/sister wing and organizes at least one major event per semester. For more information on this program, e-mail Aaron Wendt at
    • Call alumni to invite them to various events.
    • Help with Homecoming. Stuffing packets, putting up signs, helping with a reunion, greeting other attendees and taking tickets are a few of the tasks we need help with.
    • Prepare the graduation Bibles for distribution to seniors at Commencement.
    • Provide Thanksgiving dinner to one or more students. 
    • Join an alumni council from your academic area or apply for the Alumni Association Board. Some positions are elected and some are appointed. For more information, e-mail
    • Sponsor events for the Student Association.
    • Bring cookies or brownies to the student phonathon callers.
    • Expand the connections between Facebook and other social media platforms, and ORU alumni with likes, retweets, and more.
    • Work with the Mentoring program (Career Services).

What kind of commitment must I make?

The time commitment for each opportunity will vary. You may have talents in another area not mentioned above (speaking, tutoring, etc.). Please contact the Alumni Office, 918.495.6610 or, with any ideas you may have.