Services to ORU

Faculty Advance

Each year, the Alumni Board approves funds to help cover the costs of the ORU "Faculty Advance," held in August.

Graduation Bibles

In the 1990s, the Alumni Foundation was asked to fund the purchase of Bibles for all graduating seniors and graduate students. These Bibles, signed by the president of ORU, are given to graduates on Commencement Day.

Faculty Alumni Awards

At their February 2000 meeting, the Alumni Association Board voted to fund awards for outstanding faculty members. The goal of this program is:

    "To encourage and reward faculty interactions, sharing of ideas, collaboration, and other acts of professionalism that affect classroom performance, with a special emphasis on interdisciplinary activities (cross-pollination)."

The award categories are:

Faith and Learning Integration Through Teaching
Mentoring Through Research
Mentoring Through Service Learning
Alumni Relations

Deans, department chairpersons, and the University Faculty Assembly choose the recipients of the awards; $2,500 is divided among those recipients. The first presentations were made on November 20, 2000.

Staff Servant Excellence Awards

An additional $2,500 in Alumni Association funds has been earmarked for these awards, which were presented for the first time on "Employee Appreciation Day," May 12, 2000.

Cash awards are given to ORU staff members who have provided outstanding customer service, simplified processes, demonstrated problem-solving skills, or contributed cost-saving ideas during the previous twelve months.