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Health Professions Dinner: RSVP now!

NOTE: Registration for this event and all other Homecoming events has closed.

Two former ORU med school professors, Drs. Mark and Betsy Neuenschwander, will be the guest speakers.

This is your personal invitation to our Homecoming weekend's annual Health Professions dinner:

Dear Health Professions Alumni and Friends,

We are planning a Health Professions Reunion Dinner for alumni and former faculty of the ORU School of Medicine and School of Dentistry as well as any of our health professions alumni. The reunion will be on Friday night of Homecoming, Feb. 7, 2014, from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m. at the Crowne Plaza (across from ORU) Oklahoma Ballroom. We are scheduling this during Homecoming so that those who attend can participate in the other activities on Friday and Saturday, which include reunions, banquet, alumni meetings, and men's and women's basketball games. The speakers for the evening will be Drs. Mark and Betsy Neuenschwander.

The cost for the dinner is $30 per person, which must be paid by Jan. 21, 2014. You can register and arrange payment by calling the Alumni Office (918-495-6610). Alumni should register through the ORU Alumni Web site, You will need to log onto the Alumni Online Community to register. Please share this invitation with other ORU alumni in the health professions fields. We are praying for a wonderful evening of fellowship. Couples are welcome.

You are also invited to attend our Biology and Chemistry alumni events on Saturday, Feb. 8, 2014. The Biology and Chemistry Alumni Council meeting will be in GC1B04 at 12:00 noon followed by the Biology and Chemistry Alumni Homecoming Reception in the GC 3 Pit area from 2:00 to 4:00 p.m. These events are free of charge; however, alumni are asked to register online for these events so we will know how to plan lunch and snacks.

Your fellow servant in Christ,


Joel Gaikwad, Ph.D.
Chair of Biology and Chemistry
Associate Professor of Biology
(918) 495-6944