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Election results announced

The votes are in. Five new directors will begin serving on the Alumni Association Board of Directors at the February 2014 meeting, joined by three directors who were elected for a second term:

Segment 1 (1968-79) - Gary Crouch '78

Segment 2 (1980-89) - Allen Voth '84

Segment 3 (1990-99) - Tony Minert '92

Segment 4 (2000-09) - Andrea Bender '02 (returning)

Segment 5 (2010-present) - Richelle Voth '11

At-Large (representing all grad years and all colleges) - Camella Binkley '80 (returning), Johnie Hampton '91 (returning), Dan Skerbitz '89

Before the next meeting, the Alumni Board will choose three additional alumni to serve as appointed directors.

The spring board meeting will take place on Feb. 6 and 7.

Completing their terms of office this fall were David Bender, Greg Berg, John Croyle, Jennifer Cook, Joshua Napieralski, and Martha Cole.

For more information on the Alumni Board, click here.