Retreat Guidelines

The most successful retreats are always those that are planned well in advance. Here are some suggestions that should help your next retreat run smoothly.
  1. Sponsor
    Talk with your Wingbackers to obtain a number of potential weekends for the retreat that will work with their schedules. Try to do this at least 30 days before the day you would like to go. And remember: A female/male sponsor must attend the entire event. (Note: Get input from your wing chaplain and other wing leaders when it comes to planning a program for the retreat. Ask your Wingbackers for ideas, too.)
  2. Accommodations
    Choose an appropriate campsite from the campsite guide. Try to do this at least 20 days before the event. Be sure to talk with your Wingbackers about any special needs they or their families (especially children) might have regarding accommodations.
  3. Permission
    The RA will handle all the paperwork (i.e., the Wing Retreat Request Form). A copy of this form will go to Sodexo.
  4. Food
    It is advisable for the RA and Wingbacker to discuss the menu options available. (See options in the Wing Retreat Food Guide provided by Sodexo.) The RA will handle all paperwork needed to order the food. He or she will also make sure that the food is picked up for the retreat, and that any containers or serving items are returned.
  5. Program
    It is advisable for the RA and Wingbacker to formulate a program of activities before the retreat so that the necessary preparations can be completed and the correct materials brought. Don't forget the chaplains and other wing leaders when discussing the schedule, as they may have good ideas and can help with the preparation, etc.
  6. Clean-up
    When everyone pitches in, the work goes much faster! Assign a task to every wing member, and you'll be done before you know it. Remember to report any damage to the campsite director before you leave.