Thank you for helping us to impact our students. You are the heart and soul of this program and we appreciate your involvement. Please remember the following:

  1. The RA is ultimately in charge of the wing.
  2. The RA has additional responsibilities and a busy schedule. The students are students. They usually have a lot of homework, as well as exams and other special projects to complete.
  3. Students are involved in lots of other campus activities, such as intramurals, workstudy, student government, student publications, etc.
  4. If you plan an event and the whole wing doesn't show up, don't take it personally. It's rare to have 100% participation at any event. Eventually, you'll have a chance to socialize and fellowship with everyone on the wing.
  5. If you want to bring food to a hall meeting, call the RA a few days in advance and make sure it's okay. You will want to bring the food on a night when they don't already plan to have refreshments.
  6. Please leave all food and gifts at the front desk with the wing's name clearly marked on the packaging.
  7. Utilize the campus CPO boxes to send birthday cards, Christmas cards, etc.