Minimum Requirements

Each Wingbacker and RA determines just how much time he or she wants to give to each other, and this varies from month to month and from alumnus to alumnus. Like any fulfilling relationship in life, the commitment becomes less of an obligation and more of a reward as friendships develop. However, there are several minimum expectations of both the RA and the Wingbacker as a part of the program. These are:


  1. Pray for his or her wing(s).
  2. Make phone contact at least once a month with the wing and/or the RA.
  3. Plan or be involved in at least one wing event per semester.
  4. Attend the Wingbacker Training Session.
  5. Attend the Wingbacker/RA Kick-Off event.
  6. Attend a hall meeting before Fall Break.
  7. Serve as a chaperone on the Wing Retreat if it fits your schedule.

Wingbacker participation varies from several times a week to several times a semester and includes one or all of the following activities:

  1. Hall Meetings
  2. Devotions
  3. Basketball Games
  4. Soccer Games
  5. Volleyball Games
  6. Intramurals
  7. Music and Drama Performances
  8. Chapel -- sit with your wing during chapel.
  9. Fall/Spring Break -- Check with RA as to which students will be on campus. Be sensitive to international students on your wing. Often, they don't have the opportunity to go home. Invite them to dinner. Have them sleep over at your home.

In addition, they:

  1. Use the Aerobics Center.
  2. Collect students for church.
  3. Take students to their homes for functions.

All members of the wings are expected to uphold the Honor Code when interacting with their RAs and Wingbackers. Wingbackers are expected to uphold the Lifestyle Commitment.