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Super Bowl Party

Have the wing over to watch the Super Bowl on your big-screen TV.

Sports Events Watch Parties

If you are into any sporting events, playoffs, etc., chances are that someone on the wing is also.

Free Tulsa Drillers Games

Our local amateur baseball team often has free tickets available from different sponsors. Call the Tulsa Drillers to find out who those sponsors are and which games they will be sponsoring.

Hanging Out

Movies: Sometimes just getting off campus and lying around the apartment or house is fun.

Girls' Makeovers

Have a girls' wing come over, do makeovers, and take fun pictures of the event.


Have the wing over to crash on the floor or couch while watching movies. No combining brother/sister wings for sleepovers.

Community Outreach

October 31 is the date that the campus participates in community outreach. Consider helping out at this time and at other times.


Use icebreaker games at the beginning of events.

Pool Parties

Especially if someone lives in an apartment, have everyone over to swim.


Allen Ranch has an area for the wing to enjoy a bonfire for fellowship and marshmallows. Guitars, camp songs, and worship are a lot of fun.

Day of Prayer and Fasting

The campus has a couple of Days of Prayer and Fasting during the year. See how you can participate and encourage your wing at this time.


The Student Association holds Partiestival in the fall. Join your wing in various competitive events.

Hall Meetings

Attend hall meeting; best when you come bearing food.


Put a small basket together for everyone on the wing, e.g., sweets, Easter eggs, Scripture cards, an inspirational Easter story, etc. Invite the students to an Easter service. Invite them over for Easter dinner.

Valentine's Day

Fill out cards for everyone for Valentine's Day. Include a few sweets.

Accommodation over Breaks

Offer students who cannot go home on break a chance to bunk on the couch.

Refreshments during Move-In Times

Take some drinks to the wing during move-in time; meet the parents.

Intramural Games

Attend and/or participate in intramural games.


Help and allow the brother wing to bake for the sister wing. Help and allow the sister wing to bake for the brother wing.

Play Ball

Play ball (any kind--baseball, basketball, football, etc.) in the back yard.

Share Time

Hang out with the guys/girls and share your heart.


Students must leave campus for the Christmas break. Send them off with a Christmas card. Come to the campus lighting event.

Open House

Check with your wing for dates and times. Children under 12 are not allowed in the dorms.


Make your wing survival kits. Include apples, drinks, microwave popcorn, gum, etc.


Some students, especially freshmen, have trouble getting to the mall. Plan a weekend outing with them.

Wing Banquet -- Wing Week