History of Wingbackers

In 1987, the Student Alumni Relations committee of the Alumni Board of Directors, comprised of Peter Blum, Craig McLeod, and Lynette Troyer, was looking for ways to assist students. Recognizing the wealth of knowledge residing in alumni as well as the size of the local alumni population, they believed that local alumni should be given a way to interact with the students.

That year, 50 alumni were invited to share during student hall meetings on a Monday night. Alumni gathered in the Fireside Room and felt a sense of excitement in having the opportunity to share what ORU had meant to them, and how they had been serving the Lord since leaving ORU.

Students and alumni overwhelmingly enjoyed the interaction that took place that evening and wanted a way to continue such encounters. In the fall of 1988, the Wingbacker Program was born, with many of those same alumni serving as first-year Wingbackers.

The program grew into the most recognized and popular alumni program on campus. Students and alumni alike benefited greatly from the unique relationships this program affords.