Student Stories

Tatum Grigsby


Tandeka Samuel Joy


Jasmin Marko


Charmaine Mukurazhizha


Mason Miles, Team Kenya

Alumni & Friends

2008 Alumna Jamie Weathers


2010 Alumnus Slav Tokarev


2002 Alumnus Andy Brown


2018 Alumnus of the Year Clay Jacobsen


2018 Alumnus of the Year Chris Busch


2018 Alumnus of the Year Micah Hill

Happening at ORU

Apartment-Style Dorm Construction Update


"Titan" Super Computer Ribbon Cutting


Celebrating 10 Years of Quest


"Forever I Will" by Joy Werner and Alex Haywood


Student Preach-A-Thon - Don't Sit Down


Student Preach-A-Thon - No More Limits


Student Preach-A-Thon - Heaven's Window


Student Preach-A-Thon - Honor His Pursuit

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