international studentsMore than 100 nations are represented at Oral Roberts University, and more international students are showing interest in the university. However, they are unable to receive the federal loans and grants that U.S. students can.

To make an ORU education more attainable, the International Quest Whole Person Scholarship program was launched in January 2018 at the ORU Founder’s Centennial Celebration.


“The International Quest Whole Person Scholarship will help bridge that [financial] gap and allow ORU to welcome even more students from every tribe, language, people, and nation.”

Dr. William M. Wilson, ORU President


ORU offers a Spirit-empowered whole person education that prepares students to go to the uttermost bounds of the earth with God’s love and healing in order to make a life-changing difference in our broken world. After a rigorous interview process, Quest scholarships are awarded to outstanding students (prospective freshmen and transfer students) who have been pursuing wholeness—in spirit, mind, and body—for some time, as well as to those who are just beginning their journey toward wholeness.



We invite you to support the International Quest Whole Person Scholarship program - this is your opportunity to impact the life of a student who is on a quest for wholeness. When you give, you may specify a region of the world whose students you would like your gift to benefit:

  • China

  • Asia Pacific (this includes India, Australia, and everywhere else in the region except China, listed above)

  • Africa

  • Europe

  • Middle East

  • South America

  • North & Central America (excluding the U.S.)

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