Alumni Board Lifestyle Commitment

Just as students sign the ORU Honor Code during their tenure as enrolled students on campus, we ask applicants to the ORU Alumni Association Board of Directors to affirm their adherence to the following fundamental principles:

  1. I fully recognize that Oral Roberts University was founded to be and is committed to being a Christian ministry and that it offers a lifestyle of commitment to Jesus Christ of Nazareth as personal Savior and Lord and as an integral part of its evangelistic outreach. It is therefore my personal commitment to be a person of integrity in my attitude and respect for what Oral Roberts University is in its calling to be a Christian university.
  2. I commit to maintain integrity and obedience to God's claims on my life, and to do my utmost to know and follow His will for my life.
  3. I affirm my continued commitment to refrain from all illegal or immoral acts or habits, or the promotion of those acts or habits. This would include, but is not limited to, the use of illegal drugs, abuse of alcohol, and illicit sexual acts including homosexual or extramarital sexual behavior.
  4. I commit to prayerfully and carefully execute any duties to which I am elected or assigned in the ORUAA. I understand that Oral Roberts University is a private school and that my participation in any activities of the ORU Alumni Association does not give me any vested rights in the governing of the university.