2017 Alumni Board Election

Vote today!

The Alumni Association Board of Directors election will be conducted Jan. 27-Feb. 24. An e-mail containing a link to the online ballot was sent out on Jan. 27.  If you are an ORU graduate who did not receive the e-mail, contact us at alumni@oru.edu.

All ORU graduates may vote in the election.

Every graduate can vote for two candidates in the At Large segment.  Each graduate will also vote for one candidate in his/her segment.

The candidates are:

Segment 1 (1968-79) -- one opening
Gary Crouch, Bill Padley, Dr. Jon Walker

Segment 2 (1980-89) -- one opening
Greg Berg, Donald Feltham, Dr. Joe Namour

Segment 3 (1990-99) -- one opening
John Long, Tony Minert, Bryan Sander

Segment 4 (2000-09) -- one opening
Elizabeth Fadare, Laura Gissler, Charm Winrich

Segment 5 (2010-19) -- one opening
Bethany Dickie, Jessica Sherwood, Richelle Voth

At Large (representing all classes, all schools/colleges) -- two openings
Natalie Adams, Adrian Blanco, Rhae Buckley, Chandler Elmore, Patty Gerstenberger, Charles Parker, John Suan

For questions concerning the election, please contact the Alumni Relations office at 918.495.6610 or alumni@oru.edu