To facilitate relationships between alumni and students so as to help the students navigate the challenges of university life; and to promote current and future participation in the Alumni Association.


To promote spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical growth in Oral Roberts University students by allowing alumni to serve as role models, spiritual mentors, career advisors, counselors, intercessors, and surrogate family members during the school year. To support Oral Roberts University Alumni Foundation by cultivating a sense of fellowship in today's students who will be tomorrow's alumni.

The vision of the ORU Wingbacker Program is to facilitate and support the vision that God gave Oral Roberts for this university. Wingbackers do this by serving as role models, spiritual mentors, career advisors, intercessors and "family members." While receiving an ORU education, students gain valuable and necessary insight from the Wingbackers' maturity, wisdom and years of experience. These alumni are where the students will one day be: in every person's world.


Wingbackers are Tulsa-area alumni who remember their own ORU experience with fondness and have a desire to help support the ORU vision by developing friendships with current students. Returning Wingbackers and new Wingbackers work together to offer more opportunities to connect with students. Male alumni are assigned to male wings and female alumni are assigned to female wings.


Wingbackers get involved with the students in any number of ways, including hosting BBQs, parties and sleep-overs at their homes, speaking at dorm devotions, sending personal notes of encouragement, chaperoning wing retreats, baking cookies for hall meetings, praying for the students, and just being a confidant and friend.

Students quickly realize how much valuable advice and camaraderie can be had with their "older" counterparts, and it's not uncommon for lasting friendships to form between many a Wingbacker and student.apply now

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