Newly Admitted Students

Welcome to ORU! 

We're so excited to have you join our incoming class of ORU Golden Eagles! Before you arrive on campus, you will need to complete the following steps. If you have any questions or need immediate assistance, don't hesitate to reach out to your Enrollment Counselor at 918.495.6518 or


Your first task is to locate your Z-number (ex. “Z12345678”) on your acceptance letter. Your Z-number uniquely identifies you, so keep it nearby, store it in your phone and remember it because you’ll need it throughout the registration process.

Locate Your Z-Number Guf


Once you have located your Z-number, it’s time to secure your spot by paying your one-time $200 enrollment fee. Here are three ways you can pay:

1. Securely online at Log in with your Z-number and pin (your six digit birth date, mmddyy). Once logged in, select the Deposit tab, enter your term of entry (e.g., FALL 2018) and complete your payment.
2. Over the phone by calling 918.495.6518.
Through the mail by sending a check or money order to the following address. Please write your name and Z-number on your check or money order.

ORU Undergraduate Admissions
7777 South Lewis Avenue
Tulsa, OK 74171


It’s time to explore VISION and create your ORU email account. VISION the site where ORU students do everything from completing registration steps to checking grades!

To access your VISION account, visit If this is your first time logging in, select LOGIN WITH Z-NUMBER & PIN. Type your Z-number and PIN (your six digit birth date, mmddyy). This will be your password until you change it.
3. To create your ORU email, click INCOMPLETE next to ORU EMAIL in your REGISTRATION STEPS. You will see an automated, preset email address. Delete the preset address and create your own email address. Then create a password and submit.
4. Wait 5-10 minutes for this to set up in the backend, then visit to log in to your ORU email account. It’s important to save on your phone and computer. Be sure to check your inbox often because all email communication from ORU will be sent to your student email address from this point forward.


If you haven’t already, you need to file the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) at The FAFSA is a government form used to determine if you qualify for federal aid. Even if you don’t think you’ll qualify for federal aid, you’ll want to complete the FAFSA using ORU’s school code (003985) so you can receive a personalized financial aid offer from ORU.

Video > Overview of Federal Student Aid
Video > Overiview of the FAFSA
Video > How to Fill out the FAFSA
Video > What to Expect after Filling out the FAFSA


Before selecting a room and meal plan, you must first complete the Housing Application through your ORU VISION account. If you need help with this step, check out the video below or connect with your Enrollment Counselor at 918.495.6518

. Log in to your VISION account at Once logged in, select REGISTRATION QUICK LINKS > SELECT HOUSING
2. Under the New Students section, select the appropriate Housing Application (e.g., 2018-2019 Housing Application).
3. After the Welcome Page, confirm or update your information and privacy preferences. 
4. On the Roommate Group page, you can invite someone to be your roommate using their last name, first name and ORU email address. Your prospective roommate must first submit their housing application before you can pull them into your roommate group.
5. Read and sign the ORU Housing Agreement. Agree to the terms, and sign the bottom of the Agreement using your ORU Z-number. Be sure to include a capital “Z” or else you won’t be able to continue. Read and check all of the checkboxes. Click the "Agree" button before going to the next page.
6. Select your preferred meal plan for the year. For more information on meal plans, visit
7. On the Housing Application Summary page, you must select “Submit” at the bottom of the page to finish the application. Once you click “Submit,” you’ll be immediately re-directed to the Room Selection process. If not, you’ll need to wait until the Room Selection window is open. 


If room and meal selection is open, you should be immediately re-directed to the Room Selection process after your complete the Housing Application (see step above). If you need help with this step, watch the video below or connect with your Enrollment Counselor at 918.495.6518. For a complete list of room and meal plan options, visit

Log in to your VISION account at Once logged in, select REGISTRATION QUICK LINKS > SELECT HOUSING.
2. Under the New Students section, select the appropriate room and meal plan selection form. 
3. After the Welcome Page, you will identify and pull-in a roommate. If a student is listed, that means either you are they have accepted an invitation to be a roommate from the Housing Application. Clicking the red “x” next to the student’s name will remove that roommate from your room. Clicking the “notepad” icon next to their name will allow you to search for a different student. Once you’re done with this step, click “Next.”
4. Now it’s time to select a room. To search by building, select the arrow next to one of the Residence Halls available to you. This will display available Floor Sections. Click the arrow next to a preferred Floor Section to see available rooms.

There are two ways to navigate rooms: 
To select a room in list view:  Click the YELLOW Lock icon to the right of the room. Doing this initiates a timer that makes that room unavailable to other students. Select your bed space from the drop-down. If you have a roommate, you will also need to use the other dropdown to place them in the room.

To select a room using map view: Select “Display Map.” Rooms and beds outlined in GREEN are available and rooms and beds in RED are unavailable. Select an available room. If you are not in a Roommate Group, you can hover over a RED bed to see that student’s information. Only information that the student has decided to reveal will display. To select a room, click the YELLOW lock icon next to a bed. Then from the drop-down, select a room for you and your roommate if you have one. If you have Locked a room but want to select another room, you must select “Release Lock.”

5. Now it’s time to select a meal plan. Select the first GREEN plus icon. Make sure a Plan Type of “Meal” is selected in the first drop-down box. In the second drop-down box, select a meal plan. You’ll want to do this for your roommate if you have one. To lock in your selection, click the YELLOW lock. Once your selection is locked, click “Next.” 
6. The final page contains a summary of your room and meal plan selection. Read through it and select “Submit” at the bottom of the page.


Your first ORU class schedule will be created for you based on the recommended courses listed on your degree plan sheet, your acceptance status and any ACT/SAT test scores, CLEP results, AP results and any transfer credits currently on file. After your initial semester, you may create your own schedule. There are multiple ways to view, print and even email your schedule trough your VISION account ay Watch the following how-to video on viewing your schedule. If you need help understanding your schedule or you want to make changes to your schedule, please email


Depending on your enrollment status (full-time or part-time), you are required to provide medical documentation. See below for specific details. You can download the Medical Assessment form at Please have your Medical Assessment form and copies of immunization records emailed to

Full-time students must provide a Medical Assessment form completed by a physician, including a medical history, a physical examination, a physician’s recommendation for exercise and immunization records.

Required immunizations are as follows:

  • Five doses DtaP/DTP/DT/Td (dip/tet series). If the TD (tetanus) has not been taken within the last ten years, a booster is required.
  • Four doses IPV/OPV (polio series). (Childhood immunizations. Not required after the age of 18 except for the purpose of foreign travel.)
  • Two doses MMR series.
  • TB skin test (must be administered within one year prior to the beginning of enrollment).
  • One dose Meningococcal vaccination.
  • Three doses Hepatitis B series.

Part-time students: If you’re a part-time student enrolled in a health or physical exercise class (HPER), then a Medical Assessment form is required.

Required immunizations are as follows:

  • Two doses MMR series.
  • TB skin test (Must be administered within one year prior to the beginning of enrollment).
  • One dose Meningococcal vaccination.
  • Three doses Hepatitis B series.

Once you finish high school or your final semester, you'll need to have your final official transcripts sent directly from your high school or college to Oral Roberts University:

  • Fax: 918.495.6222 (include cover letter proving it is being sent from the school)
  • Email: (include information proving it is being sent from the school)
  • Mail: ORU Undergraduate Admissions, 7777 South Lewis Avenue, Tulsa, OK 74171 (must be mailed from the school or hand-delivered to ORU in a sealed envelope to be considered official)

Whether you want to purchase, rent or get digital books, consider ordering your books early from the University Bookstore. You can find a quick link on VISION under REGISTRATION QUICK LINKS > REGISTRATION STEPS/ ONLINE BOOKSTORE > FALL 2017 > PURCHASE BOOKS FROM THE ORU BOOKSTORE. If you order in advance, books will be ready for you to pick up when you arrive on campus. If using extra financial aid funds to purchase books, you must approve moving funds to your Eagle Card. Funds can be moved in VISION during the first two weeks of the semester.


Having health insurance is not required in order to complete registration; however, we strongly recommend you have health insurance coverage. You can contact Student Accounts at for details regarding a plan available through ORU. If you currently have a valid health insurance plan, please provide this information in VISION under REGISTRATION QUICK LINKS > REGISTRATION STEPS/ONLINE BOOKSTORE > FALL 2017 > INSURANCE.


This step includes selecting or declining individual financial aid offers as listed on your financial aid award letter, as well as applying for loans as needed. To do this, go to your VISION account and select REGISTRATION QUICK LINKS > ACCEPT YOUR FINANCIAL AID AWARDS. Once you’ve decided which offers to accept, more requirements will be generated and will appear on VISION for you to complete. For example, Direct Loan borrowers will need to complete master promissory notes and entrance counseling. Parents applying for Direct Parent PLUS Loans also need to complete a Direct Parent PLUS Loan request and master promissory note, which are separate documents. Financial Awareness counseling is required for students who accept additional unsubsidized loans resulting from a Direct Parent PLUS Loan denial. To avoid registration delays, complete any outstanding requirements prior to arriving on campus.


About one in three students will be selected for the federal process of verification. If you were selected, you’ll see notices in VISION and in your ORU email of what documentation ORU Financial Aid needs in order to verify the information submitted on your FAFSA. You may send these documents to Financial Aid by scanning them as an attachment to or by faxing them to 918.495.6803. Please submit your verification documents as soon as possible and note that the Financial Aid Office cannot accept U.S. Tax Returns in fulfilling verification requirements. If you are unable to use the IRS Data Retrieval tool at the time you submit your FAFSA, you will need to request income tax transcripts to substantiate your income figures. Not all students will be selected for the federal process of verification. This process may add an additional three to four weeks to your application process. Therefore, please complete the financial aid process early to avoid delays during registration.


Payment of student charges is due by the first day of the semester. Students may pay their charges (tuition, fees, room and board) utilizing verifiable financial aid, monthly installment payments on the TMS payment plan (information below), cash, check, credit card, money order or wire transfer. Payment may be made online through your VISION account with a credit card or electronic check (ACH). For International Students we recommend PeerTransfer ( which offers payment options with guaranteed low rates for currency conversion.

TMS is an optional payment plan that divides your outstanding balance into 12 monthly installments without charging interest. TMS is not financing and does not affect credit. Students can set up a TMS account by visiting or calling 800.722.4867. This method of payment is optional and students can choose to withdraw from TMS at any time in order to pay their charges with one of the alternative methods listed above.


To confirm you have completed all registration steps for the  semester, go to VISION under REGISTRATION QUICK LINKS > REGISTRATION STEPS/ONLINE BOOKSTORE >TERM OF ENTRY (e.g. FALL 2017). Items in BLUE are completed. Items in RED are incomplete and required. Items in GREEN are optional. Select the final step (#9) when the remaining steps are BLUE or GREEN. Once you complete registration, you will receive a copy of your registration worksheet at your ORU email address. Double-check the worksheet in your email or in VISION to make sure it says “COMPLETE.” Please keep the completed worksheet for your records. If you are having trouble completing your registration steps, please connect with your Enrollment Counselor at 918.495.6518 or

NOTE FOR ALL INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS: International students must check-in with the International Admissions Office before their registration can be finalized. If all registration steps are complete, including payment arrangements, but you are delayed in arriving, please contact Student Accounts at or 918.495.6370 for a temporary completion to avoid the late registration fee pending your international check-in.

#16. Download the Student Life App

Find your way around campus, keep up with student events, access your schedule and more on our student life app! 

[Get it on Google Play]Download on the App Store


All new students are required to attend Golden Eagle New Student Orientation. To learn more about orientation and how to register visit


Before you begin looking for a work-study job on campus, you must complete registration and accept the work-study award in your financial aid package. Then, follow our step-by-step instructions on how to find a job, apply and get hired. To find these instructions, go to > STUDENTS > WORK-STUDY JOBS.

NOTE FOR ALL WORK-STUDY EMPLOYEES: You will need to bring original identification with you to campus to complete the Federal I-9. If you have any questions, contact Career Services at or 918.495.6912.

#19. Audition and Apply (Music, Dance and Theatre Majors Only) 

If you plan on studying music, dance or theatre, you'll need to check out these extra requirements for admission into these programs.

  • Once admitted to ORU, a separate application and audition are required for students interested in studying dance. For more information on how to audition and apply, visit
  • Once admitted to ORU, a separate application and audition are required for students interested in studying Music, Musical Theatre, Music Therapy and Worship Arts. For more information on how to audition and apply, visit or contact the Music Department at or 918.495.7500.
#20. Have fun! 

We are so glad that you will be a part of the ORU community! Please let us know how we can help you. If you should need help along the way with any of these registration steps, please contact your enrollment counselor at 918.495.6518 or at