Katie Lentz

Graduate Education Representative

Katie Lentz

Serving: Graduate Education Students
E-mail: klentz@oru.edu
Phone: 918-495-6553

What do you love about ORU?

I love how I can feel the Holy Spirit working through the students, faculty and staff on the ORU campus. It is as if the campus is alive and breathing, bringing a fulfillment of love to all of us who are blessed enough to experience this on a daily basis. As a current student in the Education Doctoral program I get to have fellowship with other educators around the globe, learning with them and praying with them. It is an experience I have never had on any other campus. When God brought me to ORU from out of state, He spoke to me during one of the chapel services, and my first thought was ‘I get to experience Jesus in every moment of my job AND worship Him in chapel each week? When can I start?’ I am honored to be the vessel Jesus is using for such a time as this.

What makes the Graduate School of Education unique from programs at other Universities? 

The ORU College of Education is drastically different from other Universities’ programs in our staff alone. Our faculty is passionate about the work that Jesus has called them to do. As a student I have experienced first-hand how the professors open each class in prayer and during the modules I’ve attended, there wasn’t  a single day that went by that my professor didn’t ask for prayer requests. They care about me as a person, not only how I’m doing in the program, but how I am doing in life itself; the whole person. Proverbs 4:2 tells us to not forsake His teaching; the faculty teach in such a way that it forms into life lessons that cannot be forsaken.

What do you enjoy about living in Tulsa?

What I enjoy most about living in Tulsa are the people. I was pleasantly surprised about how nice and welcoming the people are here. I have also enjoyed the diverse selection of restaurants in the area, everything from Greek to Mexican to letter shaped donuts! I have enjoyed the Riverwalk in Jenks for their summer concert series as well – a great time with family and friends.