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Continuing Education for the Business Professional

Business classThe ORU College of Business has a wide variety of programs at both the baccalaureate and the master's levels that provide the basis for an excellent education. The Graduate School of Business offers two distinct master's degrees with several concentration options. Our faculty is committed to excellence in education and purposefully choose to invest themselves personally in the lives of our students. 

Our students are highly motivated, purpose driven and consistently perform at the highest level relative to their peers at other institutions, earning scores that rank ORU as high as the 97th percentile on the Major Field Test for the MBA offered by Educational Teaching Service, Inc. We believe that by partnering with ORU, you too will be equipped with the tools you need to be successful in your field.

Determining Which Degree to Pursue

Master of Business Administration

The Master of Business Administration (MBA) is the most popular and flexible graduate-level business degree—and the most in-demand within the marketplace. While equipping graduates with the tools to develop, grow, and lead organizations across a full array of business disciplines is emphasized. The distinguishing element of the MBA program is that graduates are excellently trained in the quantitative disciplines that are essential for business success as high-level managerial and executive positions in for-profit, not-for-profit, entrepreneurial or government environments. Review the MBA degree plan sheet.

Leadership MBA

The Leadership MBA (LMBA) is a cutting-edge online program that emphasizes the two critical components of outstanding business leadership – technical business knowledge and expertise across all of the core components of a highly-valued and traditional MBA degree and effective leadership, both comprehensively integrated into one program. This degree emphasizes the outstanding leadership of people and organizations and effective and efficient management of resources across a full range of for-profit and not-for-profit programs and processes. Review the LMBA degree plan sheet.

A few key differences include:

  • The MBA degree program is offered only through a traditional on-campus learning format while the LMBA degree program is designed for a cohort experience and conducted entirely online.
  • The online LMBA program requires full participation year-round, summers included, in order to move toward graduation at a faster pace.
  • The MBA degree program focuses on quantitative aspects of business while the LMBA degree program emphasizes the two critical components of outstanding business leadership – the technical business knowledge/expertise of a traditional MBA program plus the development and application of effective leadership skills.
  • The MBA degree program can be enhanced by adding a concentration in seven different areas: Accounting, Entrepreneurship, Finance, International Business, Management, Marketing, and Not-for-Profit Management.
  • The MBA degree program offers specialization in business administration and the LMBA degree program emphasizes the outstanding leadership of people and organizations and effective and efficient management of resources.

Each program is open to students with any undergraduate degree. Leveling courses may be required. Please view each degree plan sheet to see what classes are considered prerequisites. For a full catalog of required courses, visit

ACBSP Global Business Accreditation

The Graduate School of Business is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs. (ACBSP). In that regard, the Leadership MBA (LMBA), like all of our programs, has been designed to meet the standards for specialized accreditation of an MBA program through ACBSP, and the mechanisms for establishing accreditation for this program are in process.

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