Overview of our Graduate Programs

Master of Business Administration

The Master of Business Administration (MBA) is the most popular and flexible graduate-level business degree—and the most in-demand within the market-place. While equipping graduates with the tools to develop, grow and lead organizations across a full array of business disciplines is emphasized, the distinguishing element of the MBA program is that graduates are excellently trained in the quantitative disciplines that are essential for business success.

Click here to view the degree plan sheet for the MBA program.

ORU Graduate Business students have the opportunity to customize their degree with one of the following concentration options:

Determining Which Degree to Pursue

  • The MBA degree is offered through a traditional on-campus learning format, while the MMgt degree is designed for a cohort experience and is conducted entirely online.
  • The MBA degree focuses on quantitative aspects of business while the Master of Management degree is  less quantitative but highly qualitative.
  • The MBA degree can be enhanced by adding a concentration in seven different areas.
  • The MMgt degree provides students with a broad business education in management while the MBA degree offers specialization in business administration.

Each of these programs is open to students with any undergraduate degree.  Leveling courses may be required; please view each degree plan sheet to see what classes are considered prerequisites.

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