Summer School

Improve your grads and reduce your courseload with summer school at ORU

Why you should attend Summer School!

  1. ACCELERATE your degree toward graduation
  2. FOCUSED attention one course at a time
  3. REDUCE your semester course load and help to improve your grades
  4. FREE housing when enrolled for 3 credits in each summer school session


How much does it cost?

  • On campus classes are $685 per credit hour (vs. $998 when taking credits over 18.5 or under 12 credit hours during the semester).
  • Online classes are $349 per credit hour


There are plenty of classes to choose from!

  • NEW easy interface to find summer school offerings
  • Course listings can be found here.
  • Current students can log into VISION and sign up for classes at any time.

Not currently a student? That's not a problem! Apply now with the FREE online Application for Admission with special student status.

We're here to help! Once you are admitted we'll assist you with enrolling in classes and completing the registration process.

Have questions? Check out these Frequently Asked Questions.