Program Overview

Army ROTC will provide you an opportunity to learn excellent leadership and management skills, and to participate in some of the finest training available. Upon completion of Army ROTC requirements and graduating from Oral Roberts University, students will be commissioned as an Army officer and rewarded with the rank of Second Lieutenant.

Paying for College

There are a number of incentives for contracted Army ROTC students, such as full-tuition, merit based scholarships, monthly stipends, Montgomery GI Bill and other financial assistance.

For more information on scholarships visit:

How to Enroll

Enrollment into the Army ROTC program is open to current ORU students. To begin the process, contact either of these individuals: 


Dr. Paul Vickery
ORU ROTC Liaison
Arlington N. Tasi
Captain, U.S. Army
Assistant Professor
405.744.2046 (Office)
405.744.0445 (Cell)

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I take an Army ROTC course as an elective, without having to serve in the military?
    • Yes, we encourage students that are interested in learning about Army ROTC to enroll in our freshmen and sophomore military science courses. Both courses are open to all students and classes are offered with no military service obligations.
  • What is the 2-year Army ROTC Program?
    • Army ROTC offers an accelerated path towards becoming an Army officer. You may apply for this option if you have completed studies at a junior college; you are entering a two year post-graduate program; you are a high school student planning to attend a military junior college; or you are entering your junior year of college.
  • Will I get deployed overseas while enrolled in Army ROTC?
    • All students that have signed a contract with Army ROTC are not eligible for deployment overseas. This includes Army National Guard and Army Reserve service members as well.
  • Can I join the Army National Guard or Army Reserves and enroll in Army ROTC at the same time?
    • Yes, in fact, a large percentage of our cadets are also members of either the Army National Guard or Army Reserves.
  • What type of degrees should I pursue if I was interested in Army ROTC?
    • Although Army ROTC does not require a specific degree of study, each student must be pursuing a degree of study that is certified by Oral Roberts University.
  • Do I have to be physically fit to join the Army ROTC?
    • Yes, however Army ROTC offers a physical fitness program that is designed to enhance each student’s level of fitness to meet Army fitness standards.
  • Can a student participate in other campus organizations while enrolled in Army ROTC?
    • Yes, most of our cadets are active members in various campus organizations.
  • Do I have to pay for the military uniforms that Army ROTC cadets wear during lab?
    • No, each student enrolled in Army ROTC will be given a set of Army uniforms.