Knowledge is not Power—It’s a Worldview

Dr. Timothy D. Norton

This presentation examines the role of knowledge in education and demonstrates how it serves as a means of establishing a worldview. It begins with the First Great Awakening and leads the participant through an understanding of knowledge in the establishment of truth. It concludes with the integration of Biblical foundations in the curriculum of Christian schools.

Biblical Integration
Dr. Patrick Otto

We live in a Post-Modern world, but we are not of this world, nor are our students. As teachers in the ministry of Christian education, what are we doing to prepare our students for this world? Okay, you know the Lord. You have a deep knowledge of His word. You are walking strong in faith, but what are you doing to ensure that your students are well prepared for the lies of the world? What are you doing to sanctify secular textbooks, magazines, library books, and the internet? This is a refresher course on integrating Biblical truths and principles throughout your teaching.

Education from a Biblical Perspective: A Mandate for Educating Diverse Student Populations

Dr. Kim Boyd

The goal of this workshop is to engage participants in a discussion concerning teaching from a Biblical perspective in the K-12 classroom setting in order to meet the needs of a diverse student population. The diverse student population is inclusive of all populations, comprised of diverse ethnicity, race, language, socioeconomic status, gender, regional or geographic origin, and those with exceptional learning needs and includes both seen and unseen diversities.

Intellectual Discernment (K-12 Christian School)
Dr. Hallett Hullinger

Students and teachers are flooded with information based on "research". How do we know what to believe? As Christian educators, we are called to use intellectual discernment as well as spiritual discernment in making educational decisions. This workshop helps teachers evaluate research and other sources of information.

Assessment and Evaluation of Christian Schools
Dr. Timothy D. Norton

This workshop will help to establish a systematic assessment and evaluation plan that will entail a constructive, critical assessment of all personnel, services, and facilities. In so doing, it will stimulate the development, refinement, implementation, and monitoring of improvements as outlined in the five or ten year plans of the school.

Dr. Patrick Otto

Available to conduct chapel services for students K-12.

Dr. Patrick Otto

Available to speak at Commencements.

What Is Your Worldview?
Dr. Patrick Otto

We are not of this world, but we do live in it. The children of the Age of Aquarius are now the parents, leaders, and teachers. We are living in the post-modern era and we are finding that life truly is much more complicated that the ancient boundaries have been moved.

Leadership: Strategic Planning for the Christian School

Dr. Patrick Otto

Successful strategic planning recognizes that school administration is a series of choices and that all decisions must be anchored to the school’s mission. It looks to the past, as well as the future to determine the present. From this perspective, the Christian School administration can proactively build for the future.

Understanding our Reason for Being

Dr. Timothy D. Norton

This seminar presents an historical and political foundation for the establishment of Christian Schools. It begins with the principals contained in the Massachusetts Bay Charter and leads to the House of Worship Political Speech Protection Act of October 2002. Additionally, it will highlight the issues of the Role of Ministers regarding Political Election, the Separation of Church and State, the Bible in Schools, and the political division of the Church through the Black History Issue. Each perspective will be examined through a study of history and Supreme Court cases.

Keeping the School Christian

Dr. Patrick Otto

Christian schools are constantly faced with opportunities to weaken their Christian distinctive. Compromise and watering down the truth is pervasive in our Post Modern society. This workshop provides the Christian school administer and teacher with the tools necessary to Keep the School Christian.

Dealing With Difficult Parents

Dr. Patrick Otto

This workshop provides the Christian School administrator and teacher with tools to better serve the school family by Dealing With Difficult Parents. We will explore four causes of difficult relationships with school parents. and develop subsequent suggestions for addressing these areas of confusion, complaint and consternation!.

Classroom Management

Dr. Patrick Otto

What is the greatest need of teachers today? Better curriculum, more content knowledge, or more free time in the summer? I believe the greatest need for most teachers is a refresher in classroom management. The conference will cover some of the leading classroom management theorists. However, the main focus will be on the “How To’s” of controlling the class and teaching the lesson.

Promoting Clarity of Thought

Dr. Patrick Otto

Effective teaching builds on the teacher’s understanding of the cognition process, the intricacies of physiological systems and the complications of School life. The “Highly Qualified Teacher” must be able to apply this understanding to the class as well as find ways to address the individual learning styles and learning needs for each student.

The Importance of Mission In Christian Schools

Dr. Patrick Otto

The foundational purposes of a school under the banner of Christ must be built on wisdom and guidance from the Holy Spirit. Therefore, for the Christian School, the mission is a banner proclaiming the school’s purpose and beliefs and is viewed as the standard by which all programs are assessed.

Maintaining the Mission of the Christian School in Light of the New Federal Paradigm: Supreme Court Voucher Ruling and the No Child Left Behind Act

Dr. Patrick Otto

Christian Schools may see greatly increased enrollment due to the Supreme Court Voucher Rulings and No Child Left Behind. To successfully serve their existing students along with the potential influx of new students, the Christian School leader must understand the details, implications and ramifications of this paradigm shift.

What Are the Hidden Rules? Addressing Socioeconomic Diversity in the Classroom

Dr. Sherri D. Tapp

This workshop, drawn from the research and experience of Dr. Ruby Payne reviews the cultures of poverty, the middle class and wealth as they play out in schools across the country. In this workshop, participants will engage in activities to understand the “hidden rules” and how we can have a more positive impact on students when we better understand these rules we all live by.

Biblical Integration in the School Curriculum

Dr. Calving Roso

This presentation discusses multiple methods of integration in the academic subject areas with a focus on character training and worldview integration.

Critical Thinking in School Curriculum

Dr. Calvin Roso

This seminar discusses practical ways to increase critical thinking in teaching and learning for all grade levels.

Instructional Diversity

Dr. Calvin Roso

Using current research and practical methods, this seminar discusses multiple methods for improving classroom instruction.

Using Questioning to Develop Classroom Discussion

Dr. Calvin Roso

This seminar shows how current research on questioning can be used to improve classroom discussion, reflection, and assessment.

Biblical Discipline in the Christian School

Dr. Calvin Roso

This seminar examines the principles and practice of discipline in the Christian school.

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