Leadership: Strategic Planning for the Christian School

Dr. Patrick Otto

Successful strategic planning recognizes that school administration is a series of choices and that all decisions must be anchored to the school’s mission. It looks to the past, as well as the future to determine the present. From this perspective, the Christian School administration can proactively build for the future.

Intercultural Communication and Ministry (Bible School)
Dr. Hallett Hullinger

A primary goal of all ministry is communication. This workshop considers the meaning of culture and how culture affects our understanding of one another. Topics include sources of meaning, ways that cultures differ, an examination of our own culture, and culture shock and adjustment. Throughout, the focus is on applying principles and identifying attitudes that make us more effective in any culture. Time: 2 hours to a full day.

NCATE 2000
Dr. Kim Boyd

The goal of this workshop is to help higher education institutions make the transition to a performance based program based on NCATE 2000 standards.

Electronic Portfolio/Assessment System

Dr. Kim Boyd

The purpose of this workshop is to help participants understand how to develop electronic based assessment systems and electronic portfolios as the foundation of an institutional assessment system.

Keeping the School Christian
Dr. Patrick Otto

Christian schools are constantly faced with opportunities to weaken their Christian distinctive. Compromise and watering down the truth is pervasive in our post modern society. This workshop provides the Christian school administer and teacher with the tools necessary to Keep the School Christian.

Women in Leadership

Dr. Kim Boyd

The purpose of this workshop is to engage participants in a discussion relating to the issues, challenges, and rewards of being a woman in a leadership position. Current research and data will be presented.

What Are the Hidden Rules? Addressing Socioeconomic Diversity in the Classroom

Dr. Sherri D. Tapp

This workshop, drawn from the research and experience of Dr. Ruby Payne reviews the cultures of poverty, the middle class and wealth as they play out in schools across the country. In this workshop, participants will engage in activities to understand the “hidden rules” and how we can have a more positive impact on students when we better understand these rules we all live by.

Please contact Dr. Patirck Otto for additional worshops for School Boards and Leadership Teams.