Livets Ord

Additional Location

As a Christ-centered University for the education of the whole person, reaching out to every person's world with a message of healing, wholeness and abundant living, Oral Roberts University has expanded its reach into every person's world by providing an evangelical Christian liberal arts education in Europe on the campus of Livets Ord Theological Seminary (LOTS) in Uppsala, Sweden.

 ORU offers a Bachelor of Art degree in New Testament on the campus in Sweden. The curriculum of the ORU's Swedish location is the same as that of the home campus with some exceptions peculiar to the locale (e.g. Swedish history).

 The ORU site at Livets Ord requires the same qualifications as the home campus in Tulsa. Admissions and academic records are maintained by the home campus staff working closely with their counterparts at Livets Ord. LOTS, in order to have the site on their campus, accepts all financial obligations and thus, is responsible for determining fees and tuition. Upon completion of a degree audit, graduates receive an ORU diploma and transcript with a note that the degree was taken at Livets Ord.