Your guide to the 2012 ORU Christian School Finals Competition

What is Competition?

The Christian School Finals Competition exists to promote scholarship, spiritual growth, sportsmanship and unity among participating schools. It is a celebration and showcase of students’ unique talents, abilities and strengths as displayed in over 150 events in academics, athletics, art, drama, music and photography.

What does it cost to participate?

The cost of competition for each student and sponsor in attendance is $250. ORUEF member schools receive a discount of $25 per participant. Included in this cost is a $75 non-refundable registration fee due by April 2, 2012. The balance is due at registration. Additional fees are as follows:

  • $50 Entry fee (per team) for each Athletic Team event
  • $50 Entry fee for an Academic Bowl Team
  • $75 Track & Field fee (per team)for group of events
  • $10 Fee for adding, dropping and/or missing events per instance

An early registration discount of $250 is available to schools that fully register by March 1, 2012. The $250 discount will be deducted from the total deposit due.

At check-in a $65 refundable key deposit is required for each key issued. The deposit will be returned when all keys are returned at check-out.

What are forms?

Forms are used to schedule all of the events and other activities for the Competition. Therefore, it is imperative that all schools submit forms on time to avoid additional fees. An update to the registration forms will be available on January 16. 

How do we complete general registration?

Most Registration Forms can be submitted electronically. All forms are available online now. A Registration Checklist is also available online. Additionally, copies of the forms can be obtained via e-mail by contacting the Competition Assistant at

Where do we mail deposits?

Please use this address when mailing deposits, fees and/or forms to competition:

ORU Christian School Finals Competition
Attention: Samantha Stewart, Competition Coordinator
7777 S. Lewis Ave. GC 612
Tulsa, OK 74171

Who do we make checks payable to?

Checks to pay Competition deposits and fees should be made payable to Oral Roberts University and should be sent directly to the competition office.

Please do not send checks for Christian School Finals Competition to the ORUEF offices.

What are send-in entries?

Schools that wish to participate in competition but are unable to attend may submit send-in entries in the following categories:

    • Art and Photography
    • Short Story Writing*
    • Essay Writing*
    • Science Projects
    • Poem Writing
    • Technology
    • Yearbook*

There are a total of 33 events available in which to compete. A send-in entry will compete against those entries which are in attendance for Competition. Send-in entries are $25 per entry and must be received by Sunday, May 20.

*Yearbook and writing entries are due April 16.

What forms are due by April 2 or March 1 for early registration?

Group 1 Forms

  • Form A – Checklist for a Successful Registration
  • Form C – Statement of Faith
  • Form D – Master Registration
  • Form E – T-Shirt Order
  • Science Project Forms

These are available online at The following Science Project Forms must be submitted with the Registration Forms:

  • Form 1 - Checklist for Adult Sponsor/Safety Assessment
  • Form 1A - Research Plan
  • Form 1B - Approval Form, prior to the beginning of experimentation

What forms are due by April 16?

Group 2 Forms

  • Form F – Designated Person for Emergencies
  • Form G – Adult Sponsor Information Form
  • Forms H & I – Boys and Girls Residence Assignments
  • Entries for Poem Writing, Essay Writing, Short Story and Yearbook (use of an overnight carrier is required as a safeguard for all schools on these entries).
  • Petitions – For students who do not meet the age limitation. These must be mailed in to the Competition office. See page 4 of Competition Handbook 

What forms are due by May 1?

  • Form J – only for schools entering golf
  • Track and Field times/distances template [Track and Field times are entered at]

PLEASE MAKE A NOTE THAT FORM K - Team Decathlon Registration - IS NOW DUE THE FRIDAY BEFORE COMPETITION CHECK-IN. For the 2012 Christian School Finals Competition Form K will be due Friday, May 18, by noon.


What forms are due by May 11?

 On May 11 a form to borrow ORU Music Department equipment and/or instruments is due. Schools wishing to borrow ORU Music Department equipment and/or instruments for students to use in Competition events should submit FORM Q by e-mail, fax or mail. Without prior notice a deduction will be applied to the event affected.


What forms are due at registration?

Group 3 Forms

  • Form L – Dropped Events
  • Form L1 – Added Events
  • Form M – Consent for Medical or Dental Care of a Minor(2 signed copies)
  • Form N – Insurance Verification & Final List of Participants
  • Form O – Student Responsibility Form
  • Form P – Sponsor Responsibility Form
  • Applicable Eligibility Forms for Cross Country, Cheerleading, High Jump and Weight Lifting

What is the schedule?

Athletic and Academic brackets and assigned times for Drama and Music events will be finalized and posted on the competition website as soon as possible after April 2. Staff will work to avoid conflicts, however in cases where conflicts are unavoidable schools should select another eligible student to participate as an alternate.

What is a sponsor?

A sponsor chaperones 10 students during the week of competition. These sponsors will be directly responsible at all times for their group of students. All sponsors are required to sign Form P, the Sponsor Responsibility Form, which lists the sponsor’s requirements.

How many sponsors does a school need to provide?

Schools must have at least one male sponsor for every one to 10 male competitors and one female sponsor for every one to 10 female competitors. The sponsor must be of the same gender as his or her group of assigned students. While there is a minimum number of sponsors required, there is no maximum.

Dress code? What's appropriate and where?

The days in Tulsa in May can be quite hot. When not competing or attending services in the Chapel building, it is entirely appropriate to wear comfortable clothing. This includes jeans, shorts or skirts no more than 3” above the knee, tank-tops with straps at least 1” wide, sandals and flip-flops. Clothing should not reveal the midriff. At all times students are expected to demonstrate modesty and a lifestyle pleasing to Christ.

Event and Chapel Dress Code

Students should dress neatly and professionally for all events, unless the event calls for a uniform or costume. T-shirts are not appropriate for chapel. Men should wear collared shirts; ladies should wear blouses. Capri pants are appropriate. For more details, see page 11 of the Competition Handbook.

Awards Ceremony Dress Code

For the awards ceremony, the dress code will be appropriate professional dress. For men, this includes ties and slacks; for women, this means dresses or skirts with blouses. T-shirts and Capri pants are not acceptable.

When is the competition taking place and where?

Competition will take place May 20-25, 2012 on the beautiful campus of Oral Roberts University, Tulsa, OK.

Why should we compete?

Competition provides both schools and students with a great opportunity to compete in many areas of interest in a Christian environment. Competition fosters fellowship within and between schools promoting a lifestyle pleasing to Christ. It is an exciting week filled with new friends, opportunities to earn scholarships to a premier Christian University and the chance to grow spiritually.

Who can compete?

Any Christian school or Home schooled group may enter the Competition. Only one entry per event per school is allowed. Competitors must be enrolled in 7th-12th grade and must not reach their 19th birthday before August 15, unless the appropriate petition is approved. Students who have dual enrollment may compete. Students who are on academic or conduct probation may not compete.

How do I petition?

If a student does not meet the age limitation as set forth in the Competition Handbook on page 5, they may petition, in writing, the Competition office.

Petitions should be mailed to ORU Christian School Finals Competition, Attn: Samantha Stewart, Competition Coordinator, 7777 S. Lewis Avenue, Tulsa, OK 74171. Petitions must by received by April 16.

How large does my school have to be?

There is no size limit. Schools may bring as little as one student if they so choose.

What if my school doesn't have enough students to participate?

There is no size limit. Schools may bring as little as one student if they choose.

Can I come to the events even if I am not a participant?

All events are open to spectators however; only students entered in an event may attend the Competition. 

Can my parents come?

Parents are encouraged to come and be spectators for events, but parents may not stay in the dorms unless registered as a school sponsor.

Can international schools compete?

Yes, International schools are not only allowed to come, but are greatly encouraged to come and participate with their students. International schools must submit a Request to Participate form due by February 1, 2012 expressing a sincere desire to attend Compete.

What is the handbook?

The Handbook is a comprehensive guide to the rules and requirements of the Competition. It gives the details on each event to help ensure that students know the expectations of the Competition staff and judges. The Handbook provides students and sponsors with a guide to proper etiquette and the rules to each event.

What is the survival guide?

The Survival Guide is given to every competitor and sponsor at the beginning of the competition. It includes a detailed schedule of events and activities for the week, devotionals, as well as tips for getting through the Competition.

Where do we stay?

All competitors and sponsors will stay in the dorms on campus.

Is there a curfew?

Yes, there is a curfew of 10:30 pm for every evening except Friday. Lights out is at 11:30 pm to encourage students to rest before upcoming events.

Where do we eat?

Each school will have an assigned area in the Cafeteria for meals. Meals are included in Competition entrance fees. All competitors and sponsors are expected to stay on campus after checking in on Sunday.

What should I bring?

  •  Bedding: sheets for twin bed, blanket and pillow
  • Towel, toiletries
  • Blanket for outdoor events and the track meet
  • Bible, pen, notebook or journal
  • Dress clothes for Awards Ceremony, casual clothing (t-shirts, jeans, shorts, flip-flops) for other times, tennis shoes
  • Sunglasses, sunscreen, water bottle
  • Spending money
  • Telephone, phone wire, prepaid phone card if calling long distance
  • Umbrella (just in case)

What should not be brought to competition?

  • Candles
  • Coffee Maker
  • Hot Pots
  • Popcorn Popper
  • Television
  • VCR/DVD player
  • Video game player
  • Christmas string lights

Dorm rooms are equipped with microfridge units (combination microwave/refrigerator). The unit must be clean upon check out. Sponsors should guide students on what is microwaveable. In the case that a unit is damaged a charge to the student's school will be assessed. The cost to replace a unit is $350. There are microwaves, limited kitchen facilities and televisions in the common areas of each dormitory.