Student Services

Student Services for Distance Learners

As a valued Oral Roberts University student, even though your "classroom" may be hundreds or even thousands of miles away from our home campus, you're not alone. We offer a full range of student support services and resources that will keep you connected to the university at all times.

Your access to our Student Services offerings aren't limited to only during the application and financial aid processes. We will also provide service and support to you throughout your program. We've designed our services to help you reach and achieve your ultimate goal: graduation.

ORU Online Learning Success Advisors

We want you to succeed in achieving your educational goals and to help we've created a comprehensive and integrated student support system. This support starts with your personal Success Advisor who will be there to provide continual advisement as you complete your ORU degree.

Success Advisors have extensive experience in higher education and are committed to delivering prompt, reliable, and student-focused guidance - when you need it. Success Advisors proactively work with ORU faculty and administration to communicate your feedback on how we can improve our services to you.

Success Advisors can help you with any aspect of your ORU experience, or direct you to the right person. They are here solely to support you and your academic success, and they are committed to making your overall experience with ORU convenient, well-organized, and efficient - from the beginning through graduation!

University Bookstore

You will be able to obtain your books and other resources from our University Store, which services both our main campus students as well as those studying at a distance. We have a representative at the bookstore who is dedicated to fast and friendly servicing of ORU Online Learning students. You will have all the help you need in selecting the right books and resources for the courses you take, and they will be shipped to your home or office. You can visit the University store at

Online Learning Library Resources

The Oral Roberts University Library provides comprehensive library services to Distance Learners, and its staff is dedicated to enhancing your distance learning experience. You are welcome to utilize library resources while on-campus, and you are encouraged to contact the ORU Library about individual needs and library services while off-campus. Distance Learner Library Services will help with research needs and will check out and duplicate materials for currently enrolled off-campus students.

Off-campus students are also encouraged to contact local libraries to conduct research. Many academic libraries will allow access to in-house use of materials and copiers, and some of them supply borrowing cards for a fee. Other library catalogs are available through ORU's library website.

Tutoring Support

ORU has contracted with SMARTHINKING, a leading provider of fully online tutoring services. Students can connect to live tutors 24/7 for support with a variety of subject areas, including writing, accounting, economics, and other basic skills. The online writing lab returns essays within 24 hours, so you will receive timely, useful and fast service.

More information about accessing online tutoring will be provided to you after you enroll. For now, to take a look at the services and support available from SMARTHINKING, go to