Dr. Cheryl Iverson

Dr. Cheryl Iverson

Associate Professor of Old Testament Studies, Graduate School of Theology and Ministry

Almost 30 years ago, after graduating from LIFE Bible College of Canada and serving as a pastor, Dr. Cheryl Iverson came to ORU to pursue a master's degree in biblical literature. Dr. Iverson actively engaged in student activities and was energized by the opportunity to be a teaching assistant in undergraduate biblical classes. Invited back to teach, she could not pass up the opportunity to invest back in ORU.

Born and raised in  Vancouver, British Columbia, Dr. Iverson had the opportunity as a young girl to attend a revival meeting led by Oral Roberts in Canada where she was saved. One of her friends was healed of a painful back problem at one of the meetings, and through that friend, Dr. Iverson learned about ORU and the Abundant Life magazine.

Dr. Iverson came to an ORU college weekend as a prospective graduate student. As soon as she arrived on campus, she saw the uniqueness of ORU and felt it was for her. "I just knew I was to come," she says. "It was one of those momentous moments." Once on campus, driving through the Avenue of Flags, she felt God's presence, the warmth of the Holy Spirit in her heart and the sense that it was indeed God's plan for her to go to ORU.

Dr. Iverson enrolled in ORU that same year and earned her master's degree in the seminary. She was named overall outstanding student and standard-bearer for the School of Theology and Missions at her graduation.

After seventeen years as the Associate Dean of Academic Affairs of the Graduate School of Theology and Ministry, Dr. Iverson has returned to the classroom and is living out her passion and love for adult education. She is adamant about the mission and vision of ORU, and the raising up of students to go out into every person's world. With her zeal about the Word of God, she loves working with students and challenging them to go further not only academically but spiritually as well. "I see the fire and calling on these students' lives," she says, "and I can't help but get excited."

Outside of the classroom, Dr. Iverson enjoys reading, music, walking and traveling. She is also an ordained minister with the Foursquare Association and serves as preacher, Bible teacher, conference speaker, choir member, and can sometimes be found doing solos during Sunday morning service.

Dr. Iverson has also taught in Korea, at Livets Ord University in Sweden and has led a group of students to study in Israel at Jerusalem University College.

Ph.D., Drew University
M.Phil., Drew University
M.A., Oral Roberts University
B.A., LIFE Bible College

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