Bob Canada

Bob Canada

Assistant Professor of Health, Leisure and Sport Science

Bob Canada lives his life with the utmost care to ensure everything he says and does brings glory to God. As a Health, Leisure, and Sport Sciences (HLSS) instructor at ORU, Bob knows it is very important to care for one's body, for it is the temple of the Holy Spirit (1 Cor. 6:19). When asked what his favorite food was, Mr. Canada replied, "Ice cream! But, I don't eat it. I really like to eat raw, green stuff instead. Actually, 70-75% of what I eat is raw. It's so much better for you." He admits that he hasn't always lived his life in such a healthy way, however. At one point, he had major heart problems as a result of an unhealthy lifestyle. "That was a lesson I had to learn the hard way," Bob confessed. Thankfully, by his determination and the grace of God, Bob was able to turn his life around and is now committed to living his life with fitness in mind.

Mr. Canada started out quite strong, though. He pursued his passion for health and fitness at Memphis State University. He is also a graduate of the Army Intelligence School. He launched his career working on a playground with the Memphis Park Commission, where he was eventually promoted to Community Center Director. He continued to climb the ladder and took on the position of supervisor for city-wide athletics. After four years with the Memphis Park Commission, he accepted an opportunity to become the Superintendent of Recreation for the Tuscaloosa County Park and Recreation Program. Additionally, Bob spent four years as the director of the Mason/East Memphis YMCA, where he achieved senior director status.

One of Mr. Canada's big passions is golf. He coached collegiate golf for 30 years. He served as Athletic Director and Golf Coach at Shelby State College (now called Southwest Tennessee College) for 16 years. While at Shelby State, he also served as Chairman of the Health, Physical Education and Recreation Department and additionally held the position of Director of Student Activities.

For 15 years following his time at Shelby, ORU was blessed by the leadership of Mr. Canada as the head men's golf coach. He was originally hired by Chancellor Roberts, and Bob is more than thankful for the time that he was able to spend with him. Bob also reflected on the days where he had the privilege of playing golf with Mr. Roberts. He will never forget those treasured times.

Bob retired from coaching golf in May of 2005. Since then, he has continued to work at ORU as an HLSS instructor, and he loves it here. "The mission and the students are really the big thing about ORU," he says. "I love helping and seeing young people progress, especially the students I have. I've had the opportunity to train lots of athletes." Bob is married to Dr. Helen Inbody, the former Dean of Women at ORU. On the weekends, you may catch Mr. Canada test-driving one of the five classic Studebaker cars he's been working on. "I'm just really blessed," Bob reflects. "Every day that I wake up, I'm thankful."

M.Ed., Memphis State University
B.S., Memphis State University

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