Doctor of Ministry

Program Overview

The Doctor of Ministry (D.Min.) is an advanced professional degree designed to continue the education of ministers so that they may be spiritually renewed and increasingly effective in their world ministry contexts.  The program helps students grow in their understanding and interpretation of the Church's ministry in relation to biblical, theological, historical, ethical and practical areas.  Students are challenged to develop their ministerial skills and to refine and articulate a theology and philosophy of ministry while in a setting of ministry.  A distinctive of the doctoral program is to enable students to understand the charismatic dimensions of ministry.

A feature of the degree is that students remain in a cohort group of classmates throughout the entire classroom experience. Core courses are taken by all students, as well as specialized courses in the two concentrations—church ministries and leadership, and pastoral care and chaplaincy. Classes are taught in a modular format in which students meet on campus for a total of six weeks over a two-year period for seminars, workshops and research clinics. Students complete pre- and post-course assignments while maintaining their existing ministry positions. 

Program Objectives

The purpose of the Doctor of Ministry program is to:

  • Prepare students to articulate continued growth in professional development, spiritual maturity, and ministerial identity.
  • Enable students to demonstrate advanced understanding and integration of ministry in relation to biblical and theological disciplines.
  • Prepare students to enhance competencies in pastoral analysis, pastoral practices, and ministerial skills.
  • Train students to reflect comprehensive and critical understanding of ministry in which theory and practice interactively inform and enhance each other.
  • Enable students to develop skills and competencies required for mature and effective pastoral leadership and supervision.
  • Prepare students to design, implement, and complete a written doctoral-level applied research project (ARP) that reflects in-depth theological insight relative to ministry.

Online Application

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Church Ministries and Leadership Concentration

Students may choose to focus on the leadership of church and para-church ministries. This track is designed for pastors, staff members, chaplains, missionaries, denominational leaders, campus pastors, and faculty and staff in Bible colleges. Students further develop their skills at exegeting the changing world and refine and articulate a theology and philosophy of ministry.

Degree Plan Sheet, DMIN, CML concentration

Pastoral Care and chaplaincy concentration

Students for this track are pastors, staff members in churches or para-church organizations, missionaries, chaplains, and those serving in various counseling and therapy settings.

This specialization is designed to:

  • Prepare students for successful ministry in a local church as a pastoral counselor or chaplain.
  • Enhance pastoral skills in local churches and ministries.
  • Provide students with advanced counseling and care-giving skills.
  • Enable students to develop a whole-person orientation for the healing ministry.
  • Develop students' abilities to think and reflect theologically and effectively evaluate ministry endeavors.

Professional advantages of this concentration:

  • To enhance qualifications for entry into the American Association of Pastoral Counselors
  • To pursue certification as a Certified Pastoral Counselor
  • To enhance qualification for entry into the Association of Professional Chaplains
  • To pursue a teaching career in college or Bible college/institutes
  • To increase knowledge and professionalism
  • To enhance employment opportunities in pastoral counseling centers

Degree Plan Sheet, DMIN, PCC concentration

Entrance REquirements

  • Master of Divinity degree (or equivalent) with a 3.0 grade point average from an ATS accredited seminary. 
  • Minimum of three years of full-time ministry post master's degree. 


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