Global Environmental Sustainability

Bachelor of Science Degree

ORU Distinguishing Features

The bachelor of science degree with a major in Global Environmental Sustainability is designed to allow students to combine training in the fundamentals of environmental science with instruction in other pertinent fields of study. Stewardship of the environment and management of natural resources are seen as essential steps to providing for the needs of future generations. Such endeavors involve a wide range of professional disciplines. In this degree, students will complete a core of environmental classes and a choice of one minor either in sociology, social justice, business, government, international relations, biology, chemistry, writing, journalism, missions and recreation management.  The curriculum is also strengthened by our relationship with the Au Sable Institute of Environmental Studies ( ) which offers ORU students the opportunity to take any of the 24 environmental courses during the summer as well as options for field research.  The degree will also prepare students to seek graduate degrees in related specialties.


Environmental sustainability training is applicable to a wide range of careers. In today’s world, laws and regulations require most businesses and organizations to assess their impact on the environment. As such, managers, advisors, planners and consultants are needed in fields such as city, state and federal government; heavy industry, utility, construction and energy companies; as well as food distributors, organic farming and ecotourism. In addition to being an environmental compliance officer in a specified business, sustainability specialists are employed by a large number of non-governmental organizations whose focus is on conservation and land management as well as protection of the rights of disadvantaged peoples. These careers range from wildlife biologists and land managers to technical writers and policy experts. Professions such as law and finance include environmental specialties in which practice is exclusively focused on sustainability.

Course Offerings
  • Global Development and Sustainability
  • Environmental Science
  • Principles of Chemistry
  • Elementary Statistics
  • Principles of Economics
  • Earth Science
  • Environmental Research
  • Human Ecology
  • Biomedical Ethics
  • Medical Parasitology
  • Tropical Biology
Au Sable Institute Courses
  •  Environmental Law and Policy
  • Watersheds in Global Development
  • Conservation Biology
  • Tropical Agriculture and Missions
  • Environmental Applications in GIS
  • Lake Ecology and Management
  • Forest Ecology

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Joel S. Gaikwad, Ph.D.
Chair of Biology and Chemistry