Get Involved Engineering Formula Racing

Every major and skill set can be used to help the ORU Formula Race Team, from designing artwork for the body, to working with sponsors, to working directly on the race car. If you are interested in being a part of the ORU Formula Race Team email us at

Some items we currently need help on are:

Business and Sponsor Relations

  • Work with current sponsors 
  •  Seek new sponsors


  • Direct ORU Formula Racing in ways of gaining more support

Accounting/ Management

  • Manage ORU Formula Racing as a small business
  • Keep records of transactions and received funds

Artwork/ Public Relations

  • Design event material to gain interest in ORU Formula Racing
  • Design Artwork used on the body of the car

Aerodynamics/Handling Effects

  • Design of a wing/spoiler
  • Body design
  • Optimizing the body for passive cooling of the radiator(s)
  • Optimizing down force without sacrificing to much drag

Engine Control Systems

  • Picking and programming an ECU to optimize output with the restrictor
  • Designing a driver display system to show engine stats fuel temps, speed etc...
  • Create/design/pick/configure a system to allow dynamic control of engine operating parameters such as richness, spark curves, throttle response, by the driver or race crew

Data Logging/Monitoring

  • Create a system to record test data from car (acceleration, speed, temps, rpm, body roll etc)
  • Create a system for wireless transmission of the data above in real time for tuning and monitoring purposes
    Engine Tuning
  • Modeling/designing intake and exhaust systems to optimize engine output with restrictors
  • Design an exhaust system that maximizes flow while meeting the noise requirements and rules
  • Tune/test the engine for maximum performance in the car, this includes spark curves cam timing, injection control, gear ratios.