Chemistry Department

Unlocking the mysteries of chemistry - the elements that make up our world -holds the key to solving many of our world's challenges. From finding a cure for cancer to altering fuels to get greater energy output, it is from chemistry that the answers will come. When you study chemistry at ORU you learn from professors who are actively engaged in research and enjoy including students in their work. More than just scientists, these men and women possess a vibrant faith and a commitment to graduating seniors who are ready to take on mankind's great challenges, be they scientific or spiritual.

A few of the outstanding features of this program:

    • Professors are both committed teachers and respected scientists, engaged in professional activities in their scientific field.
    • A significant majority of our students who wish to enter medical school are accepted.
    • Students receive extensive one-on-one attention from professors, including the opportunity to share in their research projects.
    • Students have opportunities for internships in a variety of summer research programs.
    • The majority of professors in the department hold terminal degrees in their field.
Degree Plans

     Biomedical Chemistry

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