Bachelor of Science Degree

Program Overview

The chemistry major at ORU provides a curriculum and educational environment that encourages professional competence in chemistry, coupled with Christian faith. The chemistry major is designed to provide a working knowledge of chemical concepts, state of the art training for graduate school or immediate employment, opportunities to broaden skills through the concepts of chemistry as well as opportunities to work in chemical companies and industrial research.

The following core values are incorporated throughout the ORU Biology and Chemistry Department:

  • Informational accuracy and relevance to the major
  • Attention to detail within knowledge of the broader context
  • Development of a personal Christian worldview
  • Academic success coupled with growth in leadership and communication skills

A successful chemistry major is hard-working and disciplined. They approach the world logically and analytically and thrive in problem solving. While they are willing to engage in new ideas and concepts, they are also willing to fail.

ORU Distinguishing Features

ORU chemistry alumni consistently:

  • Earn Ph.D.'s at a rate that is in the top 5% of all four-year private undergraduate institutions in the nation
  • Enter profession at a rate of 71%
  • Gain employment at companies such as Conoco, Dow Chemical, National Analytical lab, and Dowell Schlumberger


Societies, Clubs and Extracurricular opportunities

American Chemical Society 
ORU seeks to present the Student Affiliate American Chemical Society as a club that serves the students of ORU as well as the students of many other intermediate schools with community service and professional support through tutoring, teaching and providing any service necessary to promote the knowledge of chemistry.


The Biology and Chemistry Department offers excellent preparation for challenging, exciting, and rewarding careers in many different areas. With a degree in chemistry career opportunities are possible in:

  • Organic synthesis, drug design, biochemistry and pharmaceutical, polymers, toxicology, forensics and medicinal chemistry
  • Teaching at the secondary education level
  • Research and development
  • Chemical analysis
Course Offerings
  • Organic Chemistry Lecture/Lab
  • Quantitative Analysis Lecture/Lab
  • Physical Chemistry Lecture/Lab
  • Chemical Instrumentation Lecture/Lab
  • Chemistry Research
  • Inorganic Chemistry
  • Oncological Chemistry
  • Biochemistry Lecture/Lab


degree plan sheet


Robert Stewart, Ph.D.
Chemistry Coordinator