STM Modular Program: The Wave of
the Future

For many people, the dream of getting a master's degree remains only a dream. But through the ORU College of Theology and Ministry' Modular Program, people can see their educational dreams become a reality-without interrupting the rest of their lives.

According to program director Dr. Tim Ekblad, many people just can't set aside time to participate in a residential program. "But through our Modular Program," states Ekblad, "they can maintain their personal and professional lives and still get a master's level education."

One-week Modular courses are offered on the ORU campus each month, ten months of the year, taught by the same professors as residential courses. Online courses are also available. Students enroll in courses as their schedules allow.

"The big thing about the Modular Program is its flexibility," says Ekblad. "People can get in and out, according to their schedules. If a season of life gets too busy, they can slow down in their studies."

Ekblad speaks from experience. He was a student in the program in the early 90s, while pastoring a church in Minnesota. "It prepared me to be more proficient while I was in active ministry," he observes, "and it was also instrumental in opening the door of opportunity for God's future plans for my life."

The Modular Program has grown steadily since its inception in the late 80s. Recently, the largest group ever met on the ORU campus for Signs and Wonders and the Healing Ministry, a course taught by Dr. Dan Thimell. The 31 students converged from every part of the United States, representing a variety of professional backgrounds, including pastors, school teachers, evangelists, doctors, nurses, and chaplains.

"The students were excited about being on campus again," notes Ekblad. "They were eager and enthusiastic about the course content, and they loved the student interaction. It's the wave of the future for education."

The Modular Program offers the Master of Divinity and the Master of Arts in Practical Theology degree programs, and has the highest possible accreditation in the U.S. and Canada through A.T.S. For program information, contact Dr. Ekblad at 918.495.6107, or email For application or enrollment information, call Michael Thomas at 800.643.7976 x13, or email