Associate Professor of Christian Counseling, College of Theology and Ministry

Ann YoungAlthough she was born in Oklahoma, Ann Young spent her early years in Santa Fe, New Mexico, when her father moved the family there to join his dad's uncle in his building supply and construction business. The family moved again, this time to Borger, Texas, when Ann was in junior high. She earned her B.A. at the University of North Texas and upon graduation moved to Tulsa with her new husband and started teaching English and speech in a junior high school. When the school counselor retired, the school asked Ann if she would like the position so she went back to school at Northeastern State University in Oklahoma and earned her M.A. in Counseling.

Ann loved counseling. However, when her two daughters were born, she decided to take a break from her job and be home with them. It wasn't too long before the Dean of Education at the University of Tulsa called to ask her if she would like to lead teacher seminars while her girls were in preschool. "You can do that?" Ann asked. She had no idea a school could plan the classes around her schedule. At that moment she fell in love with teaching on the university level. In time, the Assistant Dean of Education asked Ann if she would consider getting her doctorate, which she did in Counseling and Administration.

By this time, it was 1978, and dozens of Vietnamese families were coming to the community. Their children needed English as a second language (ESL) training as well as counseling to help them deal with their past trauma and the cultural adjustment of coming to the U.S. The Tulsa public schools hired Dr. Young to help oversee this program and locate suitable teachers.

After three years in this position, Ann started having the very strong impression from the Lord that she should talk to someone at ORU. This thought was on her mind 24/7 - even turning up in her dreams. Unable to ignore it, she finally went over to ORU and discovered that there was an opening in counseling. She was hired at the Campus Counseling Center where she served as assistant director and later director. She was also part of the counseling staff at City of Faith. About 11 years ago, Dr. Mathew, Dean of the College of Theology and Ministry asked Ann if she would like to apply for a full-time teaching position with his department. She has been there ever since. In order to remain current in her field she did some counseling in a church center and private practice.

Today, in her rare spare time, Ann provides vocational assessments through private consulting and counseling to clients. She also does her best to keep up with the activities of her six grandchildren. Occasionally, she gets in a game of bridge or a trip to an exotic location. Life is full. Just the way Ann Young likes it.

B.A. at the University of North Texas
M.A. in Counseling from Northeastern State University in Oklahoma
Ed.D. in Counseling and Administration from the University of Tulsa

Contact information:   918.495.6091