Dr. Edward Watson

Chair, Undergraduate Program, College of Theology and Ministry

Edward WatsonEdward Watson was saved at age nine and has been involved in ministry of one kind or another ever since. While attending Southern Baptist College, he traveled extensively holding revivals and special meetings. Then, when he was just a sophomore in college, he took his first church, which was actually a congregation in his hometown of Jonesboro, Arkansas. Angela, whom he later married, attended that church in Jonesboro.

With a thirst to know the Bible more fully, Edward began graduate school through ORU's modular program shortly after completing his B.A. "Because of this great program, I could keep up my duties in ministry while working toward a degree in biblical studies," Edward remarked. "This was a really special time in my life when I was able to put my classroom lessons to practical application in my daily work at the church." Even while working on his masters, Edward helped plant two churches—in Indiana and Arkansas. Edward stated: "Raising up churches and church buildings is a very humbling and gratifying experience. We would preach, visit the people of the city and then put shingles on the church roof; sometimes all on the same day."

While involved in the modular program at ORU, Edward became a pastor in a large charismatic church in Southern California. It was there that he met Oral Roberts personally.

Upon completing his M.A. in 1994, Edward felt God calling him to teach theology in higher education. "I wanted to impact the people who would impact others for Christ," Edward said. Taking a sabbatical from the pastorate, Edward completed a Th.M. in Biblical Literature at Duke University and then went on to Baylor to pursue his Ph.D.

In his spare time, Edward also remodels houses. He can be seen on weekends with his tool belt in place as well as his paint brush. "We are presently on the 2-3 year cycle of buying a house, moving, fixing it up, selling and starting the process all over again. I enjoy working with my hands. I remember in grad school, studying Greek for ten hours straight and then wondering if I had really learned anything. Yet, when I build a fence or paint a house, I can immediately feel satisfied looking at the finished product. I find the whole thing therapeutic," says Watson.

Coming back to ORU was Edward's long-held dream, and in 2001 God opened the door for him to return. Since then, Dr. Watson has written numerous Biblical resources, monographs and articles. "More than anything else, I enjoy the students at ORU. It is a pleasure to teach them and help them understand that people can have extraordinary gifts, but unless they also possess the character of Christ, they will accomplish nothing of lasting value."

Edward's most recent book, published in 2008 by The Edwin Mellen Press, is entitled: Paul, His Roman Audience, and the Adopted People of God.

B.A. from Southern Baptist College
M.A. from ORU
Th.M. in Biblical Literature at Duke University
Ph.D. from Baylor

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Contact information:  ewatson@oru.edu   918.495.7098