Recreation Administration Major

Bachelor of Science Degree

Program Overview

The Health, Physical Education and Recreation Department is an integral part of the university's whole-person philosophy. Its objectives are twofold. First, through a general education program it seeks to assist every student in developing a personal wellness life-style that is conductive to optimal health fitness and well-being. Second, through a professional education program, it provides a curriculum and experiences for students to work in the health, fitness, recreation or sports management fields, teach physical education or qualify for physical therapy or medical school.

The recreation administration major at ORU examines the recreational programs pertinent to schools, camps, recreation centers and churches and the methods of delivering those programs to the community. The key stages of developing a recreation program are explored as well as leadership roles in supervising and directing volunteers and other personnel within the program.


The HPER department is located in the Kenneth H. Cooper Aerobics Center. Kenneth H. Cooper, a former Air Force physician and innovator of the exercise program used by astronauts, supported this aspect of the whole-person philosophy. The Aerobics Center facility includes classrooms, an indoor swimming pool, basketball courts, an indoor running track and state-of-the-art exercise equipment for both men and women. The faculty and staff provide an encouraging environment for students to learn and participate in activities that will provide enjoyable leisure and fitness on a regular basis.


With a degree in recreation administration several career options are available. A few of the options you may consider include: 

  • Parks, recreation and leisure facilities management
  • Sport and fitness administration or management
  • Recreation products or services marketing operations
  • Recreational therapy
  • Travel and tourism Industry
  • Sports organizations

Course Offerings

  • Introduction to HPE
  • Introduction to Leisure Services
  • Personal Health Science
  • Safety and First Aid
  • Organization and Administration of Programs
  • Outdoor Recreation and Camping
  • Leadership in Sports and Leisure Services
  • Recreation Programming
  • Internship in Recreation Administration
  • Research in HPE
  • Theory of Coaching
  • Psychology of Sport
  • Theory and Analysis of Teaching
  • Soccer/Volleyball
  • Theory and Analysis of Teaching
  • Track and Field/Weight Training
  • Theory and Analysis of Teaching
  • Aquatics
  • Theory and Analysis of Teaching
  • Football/Badminton
  • Theory and Analysis of Teaching Golf
  • Theory and Analysis of Teaching
  • Tennis/Pickleball
  • Theory and Analysis of Teaching
  • Softball/Basketball

Degree Plan