Health & Physical Education Major

Bachelor of Science Degree

Program Overview

The Health, Physical Education and Recreation Department is an integral part of the university's whole-person philosophy. Its objectives are twofold. First, through a general education program it seeks to assist every student in developing a personal wellness life-style that is conductive to optimal health fitness and well-being. Second, through a professional education program, it provides a curriculum and experiences for students to work in the heath, fitness, recreation or sports management fields, teach physical education or qualify for physical therapy or medical school.

The health and physical education major at ORU is offered in cooperation with the ORU College of Education. The College of Education emphasizes the fact that there is no substitute for thorough preparation in the subject matter. The HPE major is exposed to a variety of subject fields allowing graduates to qualify for certification to teach or to work in numerous fields of health, physical education and recreation.

"I love helping people. Contributing to the success of others in some way, is one of life's greatest rewards. Being in health and physical education, to become a high school teacher and coach, offers me the platform to do what I love."

Jonathon Baker

Student: Jonathon
Major: Health and Physical Education
Hometown: Kooskia, ID

Students seeking licensure to teach at the secondary levels have two options: completion of the health and physical education major, which leads to standard certification or completion of any other major in the HPE Department which can lead to alternative certification.


The HPER department is located in the Kenneth H. Cooper Aerobics Center. Kenneth H. Cooper, a former Air Force physician and innovator of the exercise program used by astronauts, supported this aspect of the whole-person philosophy. The Aerobics Center facility includes classrooms, an indoor swimming pool, basketball courts, an indoor running track and state-of-the-art exercise equipment for both men and women. The faculty and staff provide an encouraging environment for students to learn and participate in activities that will provide enjoyable leisure and fitness on a regular basis.


With a degree in health and physical education careers are possible as an:

  • Athletic trainer
  • PE teacher
  • Coach
  • Recreational director

Course Offerings                                        

  • Personal Health Science
  • Safety and First Aid
  • Motor Learning, Games, and Adaptive PE
  • Kinesiology and Biomechanics
  • Prevention and Care of Sports Injuries
  • Exercise Physiology
  • Theory of Coaching
  • Psychology of Sport
  • Theory and Analysis of Teaching
  • Soccer/Volleyball
  • Track and Field/Weight Training
  • Theory and Analysis of Teaching Aquatics
  • Football/Badminton
  • Theory and Analysis of Teaching Golf
  • Tennis/Pickleball
  • Softball/Basketball
  • Professional Education
  • Education Seminar
  • Field-Based Experience (Elementary)
  • Field-Based Experience (Secondary)
  • Foundations and Methods of Education
  • School Health Care
  • Pedagogy
  • Prof Education Seminar/Portfolio
  • Intern/Student Teaching: Elementary
  • Intern/Student Teach
  • HPE Methods and Evaluation

Degree Plan

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