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Computer Science and


Computer Science and Mathematics

The language of numbers impacts our society in thousands of ways beyond what most of us have considered. When you study mathematics or computer science at ORU, you can earn a degree that prepares you for employment in industry, business, government and education. Our degrees in Mathematics, Mathematics Education, or Computer Science are also excellent preparation for graduate work in these career fields. Under the direction of caring, Christian scholars, you will explore these fascinating scientific fields and graduate ready to promote greater understanding of this complex field.

Some of the outstanding features of this program:

  • The ORU Chapter of the Association for Computing Machinery encourages networking with professionals in the Computer Science field and greater awareness of technological advances.

  • ORU's Computer Club competed in the annual ACM South Central USA Regional Programming Contest and ranked first in the undergraduate division at their competition site and second for the entire region.

  • Over half of the professors in the Computer Science and Mathematics department hold terminal degrees in their field.

  • Because of our small classes, professors are able to provide extensive individual attention to students, assuring they have full understanding of all concepts covered.

  • You'll have the opportunity to enter fun and challenging competitions such as OpenNotebook, ACM computer programming competition and others.