Biomedical Chemistry Major

Bachelor of Science Degree

Program Overview

The biomedical chemistry major is designed to provide a combination of studies in the biological sciences and chemistry for those planning to enter a professional school of medicine, pursue a career in clinical or medicinal chemistry or work in a biological or medical industry.

The biomedical chemistry major at ORU provides students with opportunities and experiences to develop the following skills and abilities:

"Studying biomedical chemistry at Oral Roberts University combines the foundational principles of both biology and chemistry necessary for medical school and the consequential understanding and treatment of diseases. I believe ORU’s whole person education provides the ideal fulcrum on which to balance all three aspects of human existence: mind, body, and spirit. Under the direction of the Holy Spirit, students like me are therefore prepared to bring healing not only to the bodies, but also the minds and spirits of their future patients."

Celastino Velasquez Garcia

Student: Celestino
Major: Biomedical Chemistry
Hometown: Comayagua, Honduras

  • Use scientific knowledge and the power of the Holy Spirit to make professional decisions consistent with biblical principles
  • Analyze chemical problems using a working knowledge of chemical concepts to offer beneficial solutions
  • Evaluate potential solutions to chemical problems based on identified criteria
  • Exhibit competency in researching literature and use of information to effectively analyze and interpret data
  • Write and speak effectively using the language, concepts and models of chemistry including evidence of God within the natural realm
  • Relate to the university and the world through the use of professional competencies to provide service and healing

The biomedical chemistry major at ORU offers concentrations in pre-medicine and research. The pre-medicine concentration is an excellent choice for health professionals. The research concentration is geared toward graduate school and M.D. - Ph.D. programs. A minor in biology is required for this major.

ORU Distinguishing Features

ORU biomedical chemistry alumni consistently:

  • Earn Ph.D.s at a rate that is in the top 5% of all four-year private undergraduate institutions in the nation
  • Enter medical and dental schools at a rate well above the national average
    • Dental School 95%
    • Graduate Chemistry 98%
    • Medical Schools 90%
  • Gain employment at companies such as Conoco, Dow Chemical, National Analytical Lab, Dowell Schlumberger as well as numerous toxicology labs, hospitals and universities

Student Societies, Clubs and Extracurricular opportunities

American Chemical Society
ORU seeks to present the Student Affiliate American Chemical Society as a club that serves the students of ORU as well as the students of many other intermediate schools with community service and professional support through tutoring, teaching and providing any service necessary to promote the knowledge of chemistry.


With a degree in biomedical chemistry career opportunities are possible in:

  • Medicine and other health professions
  • Organic synthesis, drug design, biochemistry and pharmaceutical
  • Engineering, polymers, toxicology, forensics and medicinal chemistry
  • Teaching at the college or secondary education level
  • Research and development
  • Chemical analysis

Course Offerings

  • Organic Chemistry Lecture/Lab
  • Quantitative Analysis Lecture/Lab
  • Physical Chemistry Lecture/Lab
  • Chemical Instrumentation Lecture/Lab
  • Chemistry Research
  • Pre-medicine Concentration Courses
  • Recombinant DNA Technology
  • Oncological Chemistry
  • Biochemistry Lecture/Lab
  • Synthesis
  • Physical Chemistry II
  • Inorganic Chemistry
  • Structure and Bonding
  • Environmental Analysis
  • Research Concentration Courses
  • Introduction to Computing
  • Differential Equations
  • Linear and Matrix Algebra
  • Introduction to Biostatistics

Degree Plan for Biomedical Chemistry with Premedicine Concentration


Joel Gaikwad, Ph.D.
Chair of Biology and Chemistry