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A Christian worldview informs the study of Biology on the ORU campus. You will learn to think critically and seek scientific answers as you explore the wonders of our world whether they be microscopic organisms or an entire ecosystem located at a nearby lake. Exceptional professors who are recognized experts in their science will direct your study. You will graduate with a baccalaureate degree that prepares you well for a career in research, education or medical school.

A few of the outstanding accomplishments of the program:

  • Over 75 different medical school programs across the United States have welcomed ORU students into their medical school programs.

  • ORU has a new state-of-the-art biotechnology lab

  • ORU offers students of the health professions the opportunity to witness cadaver dissection, shadow physicians and take part in medical seminar courses.

  • The Biology department boasts two active and successful student organizations: AED pre-medicine honors club and TriBeta biological honors club.

  • Students have opportunities to participate in medical missions trips overseas.