RN to BSN on-line program

Transfer Courses

The following courses will be accepted as transfer to meet general education and pre-requisite requirements for the RN to BSN degree.

General Education Courses Accepted for Transfer:
BLIT 110 Survey of Old Testament Literature (3)
BLIT 120 Survey of New Testament Literature (3)
COM 101 Oral Communication (3)
COMP 102 Reading & Writing in Liberal Arts (3)
COMP 303 Critical Reading & Writing (3)
GOV 101 American Government (3)
HIS 101 American History (3)
MATH 232 Elementary Statistics (3)
Humanities (12 credit hours) (12)

Total general education credits = 36

The following is the only General Education course that is non-transferable:

THE 103 Spirit Empowered Living (3)

Transfer credit for Associates Level Nursing Courses: 32 credit hours

If less than 32 hours are available for credit transfer, the student will complete NUR 310 Professional Nursing Practice Seminar for variable credit prior to or concurrently with RN to BSN degree plan sheet.