RN to BSN on-line program

Nursing Courses

The RN nursing course credits will be awarded as follows:

NUR 200 Called to Care (3)
NUR 230 Pathophysiology I (3)
NUR 300 Health Assessment I (3)
NUR 202 Foundation of Nursing (5)
NUR 301 Pharmacotherapeutics I (3)
NUR 304 Community Mental Health Nursing (4)
NUR 305 Patterns of Health & Illness I (4)
NUR 307 Patterns of Health & Illness II (7)

Total Credits of Nursing Courses (32)

If fewer than 32 credit hours of nursing courses are available for credit transfer, student will complete NUR 310 Professional Nursing Practice Seminar for credit prior to or concurrently the BSN degree plan sheet.