Graduate School of Business

Stand Out Because of What You Know... And Who You Are

The Graduate School of Business seeks to graduate highly-qualified professionals who will provide expert business leadership as corporate leaders, entrepreneurs, government officials, counselors, non-profit administrators, and teachers.

Our program seeks to provide an excellent education that will equip graduates to be outstanding leaders and manage people and resources within the context of biblical principles and concern for the welfare of the whole person. Throughout their study at ORU, students are challenged to incorporate the whole person concept of the spirit, mind, and body into everyday applied business practices.

In today's fast, high pressure business environment, ethics often go by the wayside. One way to address this is to receive training in a specialized accredited business degree program that integrates a world-view perspective emphasizing a lifestyle of principled ethical and moral courage.

The College of Business offers a Master of Business Administration degree (MBA) with seven concentrations to fit your exact interests and career goals. We also offer a Master of Not for Profit Management (MNFP) degree with a concentration in non-profit organizations. You'll enjoy the hands-on aspect of the programs too, including a capstone experience that includes developing and presenting strategic business plans for major corporations, just like you might on an actual job.

Of special interest, the Graduate School of Business also offers a fast-track program through which undergraduate business students can attain their Masters degree within one year following completion of their undergraduate degree.

For a graduate education that not only prepares you to be an outstanding business leader but also an ethical and purpose-driven member of the business community, ORU is an outstanding institution with a business program from which you can be proud to graduate!

Determining Which Degree to Pursue

  • The MBA degree is the more traditionally recognized business degree, emphasizing a broad approach across an array of business disciplines, while at the same time incorporating strong quantitative distinctives and expertise.
  • In contrast, the Master of Not- for-Profit Management degree is a focused degree, specifically preparing graduates to be leaders and executives within not-for-profit organizational settings.
  • The MBA degree can be enhanced by adding a concentration chosen from seven different areas while the Master of Not-for-Profit Management degree is limited to specializing only in the not-for-profit realm.
  • The MBA is a degree offered through a traditional on-campus learning format while the Master of Not-for-Profit Management degree can be completed either through a distance learning format (through a combination of internet and modular coursework) or through traditional on-campus learning.

 Each of these programs is open to students with any undergraduate degree.  Leveling courses may be required; please view each degree plan sheet to see what classes are considered prerequisites.