Dr. Winston Frost

Assistant Professor of Government



B.A. Social Sciences University of California Irvine
B.A. History University of California Irvine
J.D. Oral Roberts University
MBA Pepperdine University
M.A. Faith and Culture Trinity International University
International Human Rights Institute

Contact Information
phone: 918-495-6066
e-mail: wfrost@oru.edu


Faculty Profile

Words to Students

"I was a miracle baby. Born with a collapsed lung, I faced the possibility of severe brain damage due to lack of oxygen. However, due to the prayers of many and God's grace, I survived unscathed and un-handicapped. However, it is only in recent years that I truly have understood just how faithful, kind, patient and loving God really is. I accepted Christ as my Savior on April 13, 1966. In many ways, I had the model upbringing and was not involved in drugs or alcohol abuse. I was a good student and an athlete. This allowed me to attend the Air Force Academy on a scholarship. My time at the academy prepared me for the challenges I would face in the future.

My college days were a time of spiritual complacency. My walk was in many ways a crawl, but still God was faithful. God simply wasn't the central focus of my life at that time. This changed after college, as I was called to attend a Christian law school and thought I was on my way to fulfilling God's ultimate purpose for my life. I had visions of preserving America's Biblical heritage and stopping the moral decline of our nation. I was going to be part of a generation of lawyers who would make a difference in the courts of our nation. That in turn led to becoming involved in Christian legal education. I spend the next 15 years of my career being a Christian attorney. I had the opportunity of leading clients to Christ, standing up for my faith in the public square, and, after being replaced as editor of the bar journal for quoting John 3:16, I was chosen to be a full time law professor and later elevated to the position of dean of the law school.

It was here that my life took a dramatic turn and my faith was truly tested. I voluntarily resigned from the law school, and my marriage resulted in a divorce. However, God did not abandon me. God allowed me to move on and foiled the efforts of my enemies to ruin me. I returned to practicing law, started my own law school, got into a Doctoral program, served as the development director for a Christian school, and went to the Northern Cheyenne Reservation for two years on a mission trip. By the summer of 2008, God had given me the opportunity to return home to be with my ailing father. This past year my father passed away after his bout with cancer.

If I can impact others in the same positive way that he impacted me and can use my experience to teach others to trust God, grow in His word and live by faith I will truly be fulfilling God's will for my life. In short, the fact that I am still health and alive, still moving forward and now have the opportunity to lead others to an education and a closer relationship with God is a testimony to the seeds my father planted and to God's unending grace."