Sonny Branham

Assistant Professor of Government




B.A. and M.A., Western Kentucky University

Contact Information
phone: 918.495.6071


Faculty Profile 

Words to Students

"There's nothing special about me, but I love my students. It is not the degrees or expertise. I care about the students and put them first. Besides hearing from God, endeavor to do what you can. If you do what you can do, God will do what you can't do. God is not going to do what you can do."

"I wish I had known how to make a transition from a student, to a young professional, becoming ready for the work place. I wish I had been coached through the transition as student to a job hunter. That's why I encourage students to take advantage of career services and to learn new skills like writing a resume and conducting self during an interview. Students need to prepare themselves to be those young professionals."