Dr. Solomon Hailu

Associate Professor of International Community Development





B.A., Addis Ababa University, Ethiopia
M.A. in Public Policy, University of Natal
Ph.D. in Public Policy, Natal University
Post doctoral Fellow, Witwatersrand University

Contact Information
phone: 918.495.6069
e-mail: shailu@oru.edu

Faculty Profile

Words to Students

"My heart is to build a foundation which is instrumental in shaping the student's career and economic path through internship connections. By advancing their education path, we become a part of their lives -- even beyond ORU."

"Learn responsibility and adaptability. It is essential to adapt to any type of environment and productively utilize it, despite the surrounding limitations. Learn time management and balancing responsibilities: develop a balance between deeply spiritual and deeply academic. Understand the seasons, so as to give God what belongs to God and Caesar what belongs to Caesar. Though charity and evangelism are great, personal time with the Lord is extremely essential. Faith in Jesus Christ in the journey ahead is paramount. In one day with Christ, you can accomplish much more than you could in days by yourself."