Public Relations Concentration

Bachelor of Science Degree

Program Overview

The public relations media major is one of the four major concentration areas in the media major. The goals of the media major are to:

  • Develop skills in production and dissemination of material through the mass media (television, radio, film, Web and journalism) which provide a foundation on which to build specific career skills
  • Provide a base for a wide range of vocational experiences in media centering on production, direction and management
  • Provide appropriate preparation for graduate study

Public Relations Concentration

The public relations concentration offers professional training in corporate strategy, media management and marketing communications.

PR students develop strong written communications skills with technology know-how including blogging, online research, digital photography, graphic design, online and traditional publishing and social media. The program also emphasizes critical thinking, creativity and ethical decision making.

During a four-year program, students may:

  • Compete in state, regional and national industry competitions (e.g. magazine writing, design contests, and campaign planning)
  • Tour agency, media and publishing facilities
  • Meet regularly with PR practitioners in both on-campus and off-campus events
  • Collaborate with clients to develop and execute marketing campaigns
  • Intern in agency, non-profit/ministry and other organizations

Opportunities are available to earn money working in on-campus PR-related positions such as an magazine editor, feature writer, university development, PR and sales, social media director, event planning, fundraising, marketing, and graphic design. PR students are also eligible to receive scholarship awards from professional chapters and program donors.

Student Associations:

  • Public Relations Student Society of America


ORU PR alumni find their skills translate into multiple career tracks including:

  • Corporate communications
  • Agency/media management
  • Lobbying; public affairs
  • Non-profit fundraising
  • Brand management
  • Event planning
  • Feature writing
  • Investor relations

What Do You Have To Look Forward To?

Getting involved with a real-life project...learning about the culture, size and people of a new business or ministry...stretching your knowledge to apply the characteristics of their particular culture to conceptual design...and experiencing growth as you and your client move through the process.

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