Dr. Paul Vickery

Professor of History




B.A. and M.A., Florida State
M.Div., Oral Roberts University
Ph.D., Oklahoma State University

Contact Information
phone: 918.495.6078
e-mail: pvickery@oru.edu


Faculty Profile

Words to Students

"I love the world and love the people in it. I have a passion for traveling, meeting and understanding people of other cultures. Study the history of the people. Learn foreign languages. Versatility in languages will equip you with the opportunity to talk to more people.

Do not set limits on yourself. You are as capable as anyone else. You can do it. Do not minimize yourself. As I get older, I look at leaders and think, 'Look at the dummies doing that. They weren't smarter than I am.' They are not much brighter than you are. When you put yourself in a cubicle, you limit yourself more than others limit you; especially with no encouragement. Encourage yourself.

Go make a name for yourself. Do something. Write something: write a book. Make a movie – something to impact the world. Do not settle for mediocrity. Start with any open door; you can't steer a ship that is not moving. Begin where you are at the moment. Never turn down an offer or opportunity. Say yes, and then figure out how to do it."